import XML into SQL Server XML field direct from URL

Hi, what would the correct way be to import an XML document from a URL? The document is generated on the fly and passed back as the request body - ie we call a remote service like

which passes back a valid XML document in the response.

the XML document is not actually stored anywhere.

I would like to save this into SQL Server for processing. it is an XML document with about 7 levels of hierarchy.

I am happy loading the XML into an XML field in SQL for further querying.

i was looking at using openrecordset but this does not support none physical files and this approach is will not be security best practice

i am happy using  SSIS. The XML data source will support a URL, but then the XML data source splits the hierarchy into tables, which i don't really want. i want to pass the xml as it is straight to an XML field.

i could uses SSIS to save the XML to a physical file, but this seems like an unnecessary step.

which approach is best? We are using SQL Server 2012
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you could do this all from within SQL Server itself without having to use SSIS. To talk to the internet (well... an HTTP resource), you will have to create a C# SQL CLR procedure. In the C# code, you would use the HttpWebRequest or HttpWebClient to download the data as a string and write it to your table. An example of this can be found here: (I think the example perhaps splits up the string but you won't have to do that step), Take note of the security requirements for this approach (PERMISSION_SET = UNSAFE, enable CLR objects on your SQL Server instance etc). You can then call this stored procedure from SSIS
PatrickK_WAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for this.

so is the best approach to get the response data into a string and just use a straight insert command then?

I can write the code for this and have done similar http response grabbers before.

thinking about it  - it's just a string of text isn't it. if I totally ignore the XML being XML, all I want to do is take a string of text from the internet and put in into an SQL Server field.
YUP! It's just a string! :)

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PatrickK_WAuthor Commented:
I have ended up doing this in SSIS with a System.Net.WebClient, reading the respnnse to a variable and using that in an insert statement
Glad you got it sorted!
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