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Excel Macro - Copy / Paste Sheets from one workbook to another

Hello Experts,

I'm sure this is very simple, but need your expertise to do that macro.   I need to copy data from workbookA.SheetIN_Data and paste it into workbookB.SheetIN_Data, starting at cell A2 (Row 1 are my headers in workbookB).

I have a total of 6 sheets that need the data to be transfert from one book to the other (SheetIN_Data,SheetCH_Data, SheetWO_O, SheetWO_B, SheetWO_H, Sheet_PR).

Can you help?
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Jacques Geday
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Best and most efficient is you to post both workbooks and will take it from there.
Sub CopySheetData()

Dim wbDest As Workbook
Dim wbSource As Workbook

Set wbSource = ActiveWorkbook
Set wbDest = Workbooks("workbookB")

wbSource.Sheets("SheetIN_Data").UsedRange.Cells.Offset(1, 0).Copy Destination:=wbDest.Sheets("SheetIN_Data").Range("A2")

End Sub

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Is the data from all sheets being consloidated into one sheet in the other workbook?
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Martin Liss
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Hi Martin,

This work just fine!!



You're welcome and I'm glad I was able to help.

In my profile you'll find links to some articles I've written that may interest you.
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