video editor in linux


what is the best crash-free open source video editor in linux ? one that runs on red hat os. something like kdelive but better as kdelive crashed a lot.

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You could try OpenShot.
Shiju JacobInfo Security ManagerCommented:
best Video Editors for Linux from the simplest to the most professional.

PiTiVi, LiVES and KDEnLive

PiTiVi offers many features such as:

    Welcome dialog that helps you start a project or load recent projects in two clicks.
    Ability to create presets for project settings and rendering.
    Ability to preview video, audio and image files directly in the file chooser before importing: this is useful when you don’t remember the name of a file you wanted to import, or when you’re just “looking around” for media to use in your project en development).
    General clip manipulation such as Trimming, Snapping, Splitting/cutting and Ripple edits/roll edits.
    Video clips manipulation such as Video effects, Opacity keyframe curves and Video thumbnails.
    Audio clips manipulation such as Sound mixing of multiple concurrent audio layers, Trimming, splitting/cutting, Volume keyframe curves, Audio effects and Audio waveforms.
    Unlimited video/audio track layers
    Full undo/redo history
    Ability to specify custom aspect ratios and framerates
    Frame stepping, keyboard controls and shortcuts

LiVES offers many features such as:

    Frame and sample accurate editing
    Editing video in realtime or non-realtime
    The Ability to work with almost any type of video
    Full extendability through plugins
    Can be controlled via keyboard, joystick, MIDI or remote network
    Integration with pulse audio and jack audio
    Dozens of video effects, both rendered and realtime
    Compatibility with LADSPA audio effects
    Instant previews
    Unlimited video and audio tracks in multitrack mode
    Encoding to over 50 different video types
    Ultra fast save/restore for projects in progress
    Full crash recovery

KDEnLive Features:

    A wide range of effects and transitions and the ability to add custom effects and transitions.
    Configurable keyboard shortcuts and interface layouts.
    Mix different media without prior import: any Video, audio or image files supported by Kdenlive and custom profiles including resolutions, frame rates, PAR and DAR.
    Multitrack edition with a timeline and unlimited number of video and audio tracks.
    Support for a wide range of codecs and formats.
    Support for a wide range of camcorders and cameras.
    Video and audio tracks organized in layers.
    Tools to create, move, crop and delete video clips, audio clips, text clips and image clips.
    Non-blocking rendering using a rendering separate application. Stop, pause and restart rendering. Continue to work on your project without any possible loss of data.
    Export to standard formats.

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