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using wiki to create documentation about my clients

Hi guys,

I'm trying to find the best way to create a wiki in which I can list all my clients and their details so I can support them. For example, we are a small IT service provider and need to keep track of ISP details, standard practices, how to guides, network information, infra structure details and so on. At the moment we use a bulletin board (Forum, phpBB) to manage all of this, so each client has its own forum section and inside each forum we have all topics with the main subject as for example "ISP details", "How to install accounts package for new users" and other information that is relevant for this specific client. Everything is sorted in a hierarchy fashion like with folders

Client A
>Topic 1
>>posts with information 1
>Topic 2
>>posts with information 2
Client B
>Topic 1
>>posts with information 1

This allow us to separate easily the information for each client. but I believe wiki would be a better way to do this as people can more easily collaborate and we can use active directory and groups to manage the security and access.

I'm trying wiki page library and Enterprise wiki, but I'm struggling to find a way to organise my data structure in this way. What I would like to do is a similar structure as the forum we currently have so there is a top level "folder" and then inside are all the pages relevant to this client, so in case I want to locate all pages related to this client, I can simply check that client specific "folder".

Would this be possible, or do you guys have any suggestions how can I achieve this?

Much appreciated for your help! :)
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I would recommend an Enterprise Wiki with two managed metadata fields: Client & Topic. This will allow you to sort & filter the information in any way you want (see a single client or see the topic across all clients). You will need to customize the template a little if you want this to be a part of the wiki page:

Good Luck!
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