Visual Studio 2013/2015 Mobile devices and uploading to SQL

Murray Brown
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I built an web app in Visual Studio 2010 for a rock drilling concern. Daily drilling data is entered into a spreadsheet, which is then uploaded to a cloud SQL database using functionality on my site.

The company have now asked for cost effective options to upload data from mobile devices. What are the best options in Visual Studio 2013/2015 for uploading/validating lists of data to SQL from a mobile device?
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You create a service on the server that acts as a bridge between the database and the mobile application.

If you use .NET applications on both ends, your best bet is a WCF service. If you expect the mobile application to be something else than a .NET application, then you would be better with a more standard Web service.

The service exposes methods that you can call from the mobile application.

The mobile application uses the service a little as it would use a dll that has only methods, no properties. You first add a reference to the service, and then can use the methods in the service. The communication between both is automatically handled by the framework.

The hard part might be to configure the service so that it can receive calls. This sometimes works simply by adding the Service template, but some other times you have to foul around with some configuration options in order to make the thing works.
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Great answer. Thanks very much

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