VB script to add element in XML

I have an XML file with attributes. I want to add elements to this with VB script.

As an example I want to add this element to my example XML file.
<category name="OP\Monofilter\100\Median">
<setting name="radius" type="string" value="1" />

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Example XML
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<OPsettings version="1.0">
  <category name="OP\ListMonofilter">
    <setting name="1" type="string" value="Pan" />
  <category name="OP\Monofilter\1\Histogram">
    <setting name="Monomatic" type="boolean" value="1" />
    <setting name="low" type="string" value="0.001" />
    <setting name="high" type="string" value="1" />
    <setting name="gamma" type="string" value="1" />

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Let's assume the example input xml file is stored in the example.xml file.
Here is a vbscript which loads the xml from the file and then inserts a xml text into it.
option explicit
dim xml
set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
xml.async = false
xml.load "example.xml"  ' load the example xml

dim xml2    ' load a xml segment to add to a separate xml tree
set xml2 = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
xml2.async = false
xml2.loadXML "<category name=""OP\Monofilter\100\Median""><setting name=""radius"" type=""string"" value=""1"" /></category>"

dim clone   ' create a xml node clone which is not bound to any xml document
set clone = xml2.documentElement.cloneNode( true )   ' true means clone with all the children

dim ops ' find a container node to insert the segment to
set ops = xml.selectSingleNode("OPsettings")

ops.insertBefore clone, ops.firstChild  ' insert the clone segment before the first child of the container

xml.Save "out.xml"  ' save the result

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mathiasoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your explanation. Is there a way to get line breaks before "<setting name..." this would make the XML easier to read
In vbscript you can insert the CR and LF characters to a string like follows:

xml2.loadXML "<category name=""OP\Monofilter\100\Median"">" & vbCrLf & "<setting name=""radius"" type=""string"" value=""1000"" />" & vbCrLf & "</category>"

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