Need to reinstall drivers for HP Proliant Gen9 server, but whatever I download from HP site doesn't get rid of driver question mark in Device Manager

Hi guys,

We got a brand new server Hp Proliant Gen 9 server. We wiped the logical arrays and started from scratch. So far, I've managed to install Windows 2012 R2. But I can see there are a load of drivers missing. I've downloaded them from the HP by using the serial number of the machine on the site, however everything I download doesn't get rid of the question marks (in the photo) in device manager.

Do I have to download some sort of bootable cd/dvd drive which installs of the drives from boot, rather than from the actual Windows menu?

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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
1. Right click on the missing device and then properties.
2. Details TAB
3. Unther Property choose Hardware IDs
Copy the Value to Google and the result is your driver

Or Use HP Prolient mngmt pack. You have to be registered to HP
Normally you would use HP's intelligent Provisioning to first prepare it and it's RAID arrays for use and then install the OS. That should ensure all the drivers are automatically installed, and you shouldn't need to worry about that after you have installed the OS. The Link below is for an intelligent user guide:

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YashyAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the help.

Benjamin- i downloaded the Hp Prolient management pack. However, after unzipping and running it, I get an error (attached photo).

Rindi - I've downloaded the HP Intelligent Provisioning Media, which is an ISO. I can turn that into a bootable disk. Shall I pop that in and then run that to take care of everything?

Thanks again
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
after unzipping and running it, I get an error

the management pack is for SCOM (systems center operations manager)

Shall I pop that in and then run that to take care of everything?

do you see the F10 option during POST for intelligent provisioning?
YashyAuthor Commented:
I do see an F10 toption for intelligent provisioning.

If I wanted to download the management pack, do I not download the HP Proliannt managment pack for system center operations manager? It's the only one I can see out there?
You shouldn't need to download anything for intelligent provisioning. It is already included in your Server as firmware. You just need to boot the server via intelligent provisioning. Check the server's manual for details, or visit the HP site and look for your server there, there should be online manuals and help available for your model.
YashyAuthor Commented:
I've gone down the route of doing the intelligent provisioning. I ended up deleting all arrays and starting from scratch.

In the smart array, there are around 7 x 1TB disks and 4 x 2TB disks. In total, with Raid 5 on each set, I get 5TB on the 1st logical drive and around 6TB's for the second logical drive.

Of course, when I go into intelligent provisioning, it is only recognising 2TB in total as the partition size (something which was happening before, but I omitted it). Where's the rest of the other 9TB's? Is this because of lack of drivers for controllers? Is this because Windows 2012 has a 2TB limit for one block? !
First of all, don't use RAID 5. That is an outdated and unreliable type of array. Use something more reliable like RAID 1, RAID 10 or RAID 6. The disks these days are large enough that you don't have to depend on every single byte being available. Also, with RAID 5 if a disk fails and the array has to be rebuilt it will take very long for the rebuild to finish, during which time all the disks are highly stressed, and further failures are likely, which can cause complete data loss.

I don't know if your server has an UEFI BIOS, but for Windows to be able to boot from a disk larger than 2 TB, you need an UEFI BIOS, and the disks must be GPT, not MBR. If the BIOS isn't UEFI, you need an MBR disk to boot from.

You should be able to make several volumes from your arrays. If that is possible, at least make the one for your OS small. 2012 r2  fits nicely onto 30GB. Give it some more than that (maybe 100GB), and you should be fine. The other volumes should be able to be bigger, and those you can use for your data.
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