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Hi Everyone,

Hopefully somebody can help me with this as I am getting really confused.  We have a number of Citrix Xendesktop 7.5 deployments that we provide for our customers.  Each client has its own Citrix site.  As we only usually have a relatively small number of users (approx 10) my previous boss would install all the Citrix Components Eg. DDC, Machine Catalog etc on one server and the VDA on the server the users connected to.  We would also have a small DC connected as well.  I have been told that in order for Citrix Xendesktop to work you need to configure Remote Desktop Services and set up a collection for the site.

We run Windows 2012 r2, hosted on ESXi 5.5 servers in our own dedicated datacentre.

My boss has now left and I've been asked to take over, we have a client that is about ready to go live, and I am just checking everything is working, which it appears to be, however I cannot see anywhere where RDS is installed ???  Also, when logged on as administrator I get warnings to say there is no RD licence broker configured.  However, when I try to connect using an ICA connection set up on a thin client I can access OK.

Please can somebody help out with some simple pointers as I am getting really confused with what I need and don't need.

Matthew HinchliffeIT EngineerAsked:
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Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
When you install the VDA on a supported Server OS, RDS is automatically installed.

You require RDS CALs for Server OS for XenApp/XenDesktop.

I would assume your other clients have their own RDS License Servers for their own Sites. You will need to do the same for this new Site and each additional new customer/Site you add in the future.
XD hasn't required RDS since either version 3 or 4.. (Carl would know for sure :-).

If you are sharing out desktops - the VDA will work just fine..  For such a small installation, you can certainly put all the main components on your controller server.  It definitely does not need RDS.

And as Carl mentioned.. if you install the VDA on a Server OS, it will install RDS automatically, and you will require an RDS license server, which could go on the controller also.


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Matthew HinchliffeIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, that goes a long way to clearing it up for me.  The deployment I am currently working on just has the RDS components installed by the VDA.  My previous boss was adamant that you needed the whole lot.

The RDS licence server is installed and configured, on the same vm, however when I check in the RD Licensing Diagnoser, I get messages saying the licensing mode for the Remote Desktop Session Host server is not configured, and that it has not been configured with any licence server.

There are RDS CALS installed and available, I checked in RD Licensing manager.

How do I configure it to look for the RDS licence server, when I go into the Remote Desktop Services overview in Server Manager it says A Remote Desktop Services deployment does not exist in the server pool ?

Many Thanks for all your help with this.  I think I can see the wood for the trees a bit more now :)

Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
Use a Group Policy to set the RDS License Server.

Matthew HinchliffeIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Really appreciate the help on this.  

Also appreciate Experts Exchange prioritizing the ticket for me.

It's really helped out.
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