How clearing of Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC) or Fault Codes work in typical embedded systems ?

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Let's say application is Third Row Power Folding Minivan seat.  User presses a button.  Seat starts moving.  There is a obstruction which causes DC motor moving the seat to stop turning almost immediately.  Embedded controller attached to seat detects a motor stall or block.  It activates a fault code.  What happens next?

Probably embedded software application won't allow seat to move because there is a fault.  How does the DTC clear and what triggers the seat movement again?  Usually fault codes are uploaded to CAN based tool.  Service Technician sees active DTC.  It removes the obstruction.  Then, how does the fault code clear?  What sequence of steps take place to restore movement of seat?
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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, Owner

You must have a frustrating problem to be looking into this level of detail.

I believe you will find it depends on the specific vehicle, the version of software diagnostic, etc.  An  engineering team working on this computer diagnostic program must understand the details of the firmware on board the vehicle's computer or ECU or whatever you have there.  Then each vehicle's engineering team will decide how they want to clear fault codes and proceed.  So you can see it will vary.  Kind of like trying to get the exactly correct headlight.  You were probably hoping computer would only allow clearing of fault codes in a certain way, but there is flexibility in this procedure, so there is not really one answer for everyone.

If it were me I would contact the dealer techs to see if they are any help.  If not they will know where to send you to get more information about the procedure of your particular CAN based tool.  I would contact the diagnostic manufacturer of the tool.  For instance, Chrysler's wiTech diagnostic support is at 888-witech-1 but it may get pricey

Maybe there is more help if we understand even more detail about the problem you're seeing that makes you ask this question about software procedures.

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More exam questions? :)

Use the OBD Scanner to find the fault code and then press reset once the obstruction has been removed and the seat has  been returned to normal position.

Or you can remove the battery + teminal cable for some time to allow reset.
Put the seat in normal position first.


I'm not in school.

Does Service Technician control clearing of fault code?  Another words, once service technician clears the fault code from CAN based service tool, does embedded software application controlling seat movement automatically deactivates the fault?
Sorry to consider your question as an exam question !
It was something that, I as a teacher would have asked...
My solution is however viable... without further input I can only guess.

The Service Technician must clear the fault code.
Removal of  the battery + teminal cable for some time should also allow reset.

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