how can I set an HP Deskjet 2543 up for economy printing?

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Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

             I have a wireless HP Deskjet 2543 that I wish to set up for economy printing.  The black cartridge seems to run out of ink quickly which has prompt the need for resolution of this concern.   Configuring it up for economy printing should help rectify this issue assuming this can be done either through the HP software for this printer or through some sort of manual hardware reconfiguration.

             Any suggestions or tips regarding this interest will be greatly appreciated.  

             Thank you

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The driver usually allows you to select "Draft" mode when printing. This will of course give you a lower quality output.

But anyway, inkjet printers in my point of view just aren't very economical because of their design. Ink can dry out, and to avoid that, the printer automatically flushes some ink through their system now and then, and of course that ink gets wasted. This also happens whenever you power the printer on, so it can be better to not power the printer off unless you intend to not use it for a longer period of time.

Use 3rd party ink, as those cartridges are usually less expensive and often they are also filled up better. Original ink cartridges are often only half full, particularly those that come packaged with the printer.

Personally I prefer laser printers. The output quality is often better, there is no smearing if you touch the paper too soon, and the toner cartridges are usually larger and hold more toner, so they last longer.


Hello and Good Afternoon,

            Thank you so much for your suggestion.  While I am not exactly sure what the step by step procedures are to access Draft mode, I believe I get figure it out once I get into the software for the printer and check out the settings.   For future reference, I will certainly consider a nice quality laser printer as one of my next technological investments.


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