disparate system communication

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 we  have a two disparate system let say ( x and Y), I have a set of list in X application in a List box which internally has key value pair such as ( _A123, Corporate), ( _B123,Office)

The Y application has List also with key value pair such as (1, Corporate), (2, Office)...
Let me know how i can map to x application  Key ( _A123)  to Y application Key (1) so that common corresponding Value
"Corporate"   or   can be the output...
 we use Xml as a Mediator between two disparate systems...
How we can  map this is my question....can this be achieve through xpath....
Let us know or any other way....

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If you have two xml files and would like to merge them, XSLT would be the best option. Without samples of what the xml you are currently using looks like it's not easy to provide more accurate guidance on how you could apply xslt then

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