How to schedule the job that executes last working day every of two months

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How to schedule the job that executes last working day every of two months

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Your cron expression would be :

0 0 15 LW 1/2 ?

The 15 is hours. So this cron will run in last weekday of every month at 3pm. I assume weekday=working day

The 1/2 is for month. Starting month 1, every 2 months.  

Test it here :
JRAuthor Commented:
On the schedule holiday should be considered.
Then you are not looking for a cron expression. A cron expression cannot factor in other date lookups and such. You will have to find an alternative implementation.
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You can manage things by having the job reschedule itself if it fires on a holiday.

So your cron trigger can still run as intended, BUT if your Job it picks up that it is a holiday... it can create a new once-off schedule for itself to run on the next business day or something... OR at the end of  run, you can check when the next scheduled run will be, see if it's a holiday. If it is a holiday, create a once-off schedule to run a day before... your cron-based job will still run as usual...

Something like that.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
"working day"

That just doesn't mean the same thing for every body! It depends on your country, and even sometime the state/province inside the country!

I really doubt that has the notion of holiday.

There are a couple of ways around it:
-run your job everyday starting the 25 of every month and the first task of your job is to find out if it is the last working day.
-at the end of your job, find out the next date your job must run and schedule it.

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You can configure calendars in via the ICalendar interface which comes with several default implementations... and it would then not fire of the holidays. But it would not do the rescheduling. It will just skip those days, which in your case, without the rescheduling, would result in quite a big gap.
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