Script error when trying to repair, change or uninstall software.

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A user with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit laptop has a program called EasiSuite which is no longer supported by the software company. He still needs it as he has not moved all of his customers to the new software yet. Easisuite has run successfully on his laptop for about 1 year with no issues but recently it stopped opening up for him and was giving him an error message which I did not see. He tried running the repair through "Programs and Features" but the repair almost completed but then stopped with an error - "a script required for this install to complete could not be run". At this point, I came in and tried to "uninstall", "change" and "repair' the software using the "setup" program from the cd and I receive the same script error message. I attached a screenshot and a corresponding event in event viewer. I have uninstalled the antivirus. I have successfully been able to uninstall the software with the Microsoft Fix It utility (it was not listed in Programs and Features anymore), but I receive the same "script" error message when I try to reinstall the software from the cd.

Other items worth noting - When I try to run the program, it will stop and say that an .ocx file is probably not registered. I have successfully registered about 5  .ocx files but now it keeps saying that one of the ocx files is not the correct version.

 My question is " How do I troubleshoot the script error message?"
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"Custom action RenameEICFolder.vbs.2DD4C8A8_7202_4551_80D4_6FD14E63D945 script error -2146828230, Microsoft VBScript runtime error: File already exists Line 11, Column 4, "  There are custom installer actions in Vb.Net setups. Is this perhaps a Dotnet application?  I have no idea what file or folder it is trying to create, but the script does not allow it to overwrite that file.

I'd suggest, installing System Internals Process Monitor:

And running that, then run this install again and see what file access is failing, then if need be rename that file or folder and run again to see if it stops failing. As to the OCX files, you will need to register OCXs and DLLS that those OCX files may need. This is difficult to know how to do if the program came with an installer and you don't know how it works--which could very well be the case.

Is it possible to reinstall? Is it possible that it worked on a previous version of Windows or before you updated something? If so maybe compatibility mode or a Virtual machine might help.

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