is Java EE tedious to write ?

I have programmed as a hobby for around 6 years (mostly c#) but now i am getting serious with programming. i am thinking about making real time game using android and web services. i thought since - practically speaking- i need to know java for android anyway so i guess it would be wise to use java at the back end as well.

i have heard that Java EE is so tedious and need a lot of boilerplate code just to set it up. i am scared to death from the idea that i will not be able to accomplish the project simply due to low productivity of Java EE since i am alone in this project (i have a few year of time though )

is Java EE tedious ?

b.s. the problem with this question is that it is highly subjective.
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Old school Java EE tended to mean a big framework and a huge web container which could be a monster to get going with.

The good news is for a simple web app these days all you need to put up a simple web service is to download Tomcat or Jetty, add a single entry to an XML file and starting writing your first class.  You should be able to put up a working "hello world" web site in under 15 mins.

For example this shows all you need to do for a simple hello world in Tomcat:

Hopefully nothing too scary there - about 20 lines of code and an XML entry.

So really no big drama - especially if your goal is a simple web app.  Obviously there's lots of frameworks available to handle more complicated stuff, but if you don't need the complexity, the barrier to entry is pretty low.  Plus there's about a million resources to look at on the web - it's a really well trodden space.

Also if you already know C#, the switch to Java will be very simple since the languages are so close.

So I'd say - jump on in.

P.S. I should have mentioned that technically this isn't even really using Java EE.  It's just using Java SE (regular Java) applied to the web space.  Java EE is the "Enterprise Edition" which is really more power than you need for a simple site.
Programmer360Author Commented:
please note that i am writing probably a complicated web service ( 100000+ lines of code ?)

i thought Java EE is all about writing web services. if a web service is simple , what would be the not simple stuff ?
Java EE tries to solve truly enterprise level concerns:

E.g. Full multi-tiered applications - which are often as much about separating team members (UI guys know nothing about database code) as they are about separating the code itself.

Suffice to say, you can certainly write a big app without JavaEE.  Especially as a one-man shop.  I'd say write a simple demo app and see if you find yourself ask "OK - but where does the presentation layer go" then maybe you need JavaEE after all.  But if you say "Doh - nothing too complicated here..." then you're all set.


P.S. We have a JavaSE web app which is well over 100,000 lines of code today.  But a small team situation - only 2-3 people working on it.  So no need for the Java EE baggage.

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