MAC - Address in logfile given with 14 hex groups ?

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Hi friends,

within some firewall log I've found MAC addresses shown as a sequence of 14 (!) hex digit pairs separated by colons (:), i.e. (ramdom data)


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I know of 48 bit identifiers (aka MAC-48 or EUI-48) consisting of 6 pairs, and 64 bit identifiers (aka EUI-64) consisting of 8 pairs, but that format is unknown to me. Since 6+8=14, I suspected that first to be a combined display of both identifiers, but I doubt that due to the fact that a MAC/EUI-48 could be easily translated into an EUI-64 identifier ... no need to show both, at least not in that nasty formatting.

Besides of that - if I got the translatoon rule right - the first pairs of MAC/EUI-48 and EUI-64 would match, and that is not the case in the shown 14-pairs identifiers, in any order ...

Any hint how that log info is to be interpreted ?
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That looks pretty much correct.

Thanks alot !

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