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We have many H3C APs connecting to the wireless controller. But the connectivity is poor, even for local network access but I have no idea which how to identify the problem in wifi.

Any comment ? Is there any tool that can help ? Tks
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Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.
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Post your problem in Vendor's FAQ/Support page or email them for better resolution, they know already what you are facing...
are they Broadcasting same SIDs?
try to operate them on different channel
for example if 3 APs are exist in a hall in such way where the signals interfere in each other region so it better to operate them on 1 6 11 for avoiding signal interference.

Generally if multiple APs Broadcasting same SID so the client just connects one of them but didn't get nearest ones for better connectivity although it should be in that matter for increasing efficiency but these are the hardware limitations at vendor's side.
Test only one AP first (turn others off). Have this AP be closer to the controller. Have your laptop close by too. Do speed tests (either on LAN, or internet). If it's close to the advertised speeds, slowly hardware return to original locations. Keep testing speeds at every change. After one AP has been tested as good or bad, continue testing INDIVIDUAL AP's in the same way (close by most favorable location, slowly moving away to original location).
Possible situations:

- They will all react the same (for example, slow down in speeds, after moving behind a wall), / Nothing to do! Bar breaking down the wall.

- Individual performance are all OK, speeds start to degrade AFTER turning all AP's on. / Interference between AP's, ask vendor for help to prevent this

- During testing, you didn't find anything wrong / You tested single points only, probably only slows down during working days, when everyone is using it. Bottleneck problem. Identify if it's your own bottleneck (lan backbone), or if it's a bottleneck inside the wifi realm (if you're working outside the wifi specs, for instance, more wifi clients then the APs/Controller are supposed to handle, it's also your own fault, if not, vendor has to help you out).

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