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MSI Installer issues


I'm having issues when trying to install some software on Windows Server 2008 R2 working as a Remote Desktop. The installer rolls back just as it is about to finish. It says 'The wizard was interrupted before Tempaid5 (software) could be completely installed'. When it rolls back, the last thing it says is being done is 'writing system registry values'

Now there have been no issues with this before. It installs fine for my user account on the server, but not when I select it to be accessible for all users. No other programs have issues installing. It also installs outside of the server, so there is obviously an issue on the server blocking it.

I have spoken to the company that provides it and have gone through troubleshooting steps but they did not work. The company suggested server issue, which I am inclined to agree with after my own troubleshooting. If you know of any fixes for installer issues, I would be glad to hear them

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Try  re-registering the MSI Installer.

    Reboot the computer into Safe Mode
    From a command line run MSIExec /regserver
    Reboot the computer normally

If that does not solve the problem you have to reinstall the MSI Installer.  It is another simple process just follow these steps:

    Open a command prompt and change directory to %windir%\system32
    Run attrib -r -s -h dllcache
    Rename the following files to .old
    Download Windows Installer (latest version 4.5) and install

If you are doing this on Windows Vista/Server 2008/R2 or Windows 7 you will need to do this at an elevated command prompt.
May well be that it cannot install via remote desktop.

Have you tried logging onto the actual server console? If you cannot do this physically, If you cannot gain physical access, try something like Teamviewer to get onto an actual console session.

Another possibility is permissions - if you get a hold of Sysinterals' (Microsoft's) process monitor and filter on the process name of msiexec.exe and look for denied's.
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Thanks for replying. pgm554 I have tried to run attrib -r -s -h dllcache but it just will not let me, just says command does not exist. This is after I have changed the directory

Tony I did try the install using VMware but again I got the same result as when in Remote Desktop
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