recordcount is coming as undefined in query

Hi, I have the following code:

the getAreaDetails is returning me json as:

{"STATUS":{"COLUMNS":["REASONID","REASON","CNT"],"DATA":[[9,"Transport Requisition",34]]}}

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<cfset Act = getAreaDetails()>
<cfset actID = iif(act.recordcount eq 0, 0, act.status.ReasonID)>

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so recordcount is coming as undefined, how can i make a check instead of recordcount, so it does not throw me an error
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAsked:
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this isn't a query - recordcount is only for queries - need to ask json.length instead.
what do you get when you ask ArrayLen(Act) ? or something similar ...
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAuthor Commented:
i tried for arraylen but it throw me an error
If it throws an error it means (probably) that it is not an array - simple as that.
Did you convert it to an array?

You may need to convert it into a ColdFusion array.

Here is an excerpt taken directly from the Docs:

<!--- Get the JSON Feed ---> 
<cfhttp url="http://localhost:8500/My_Stuff/Ajax/Books/CreateJSON_NEW.cfm"> 
<!--- JSON data is sometimes distributed as a JavaScript function. 
     The following REReplace functions strip the function wrapper. ---> 
<cfset theData=REReplace(cfhttp.FileContent,  
<cfset theData=REReplace(theData, "\s*\)\s*$", "")> 
<!--- Test to make sure you have JSON data. ---> 
<cfif !IsJSON(theData)> 
    <h3>The URL you requested does not provide valid JSON</h3> 
    <cfdump var="#theData#"> 
<!--- If the data is in JSON format, deserialize it. ---> 
    <cfset cfData=DeserializeJSON(theData)> 
    <!--- Parse the resulting array or structure and display the data. 
             In this case, the data represents a ColdFusion query that has been 
             serialized by the SerializeJSON function into a JSON structure with
             two arrays: an array column names, and an array of arrays,  
             where the outer array rows correspond to the query rows, and the 
             inner array entries correspond to the column fields in the row. ---> 
    <!--- First, find the positions of the columns in the data array. ---> 
    <cfset colList=ArrayToList(cfData.COLUMNS)> 
    <cfset cityIdx=ListFind(colList, "City")> 
    <cfset tempIdx=ListFind(colList, "Temp")> 
    <cfset fcstIdx=ListFind(colList, "Forecasts")> 
    <!--- Now iterate through the DATA array and display the data. ---> 
        <cfloop index="i" from="1" to="#ArrayLen(cfData.DATA)#"> 
            Current Temperature: #cfData.DATA[i][tempIdx]#<br><br> 
            <cfloop index="j" from="1" to="#ArrayLen(cfData.DATA[i][fcstIdx])#"> 
                <b>Day #j#</b><br> 
                Outlook: #cfData.DATA[i][fcstIdx][j].WEATHER#<br> 
                High: #cfData.DATA[i][fcstIdx][j].HIGH#<br> 
                Low: #cfData.DATA[i][fcstIdx][j].LOW#<br><br> 

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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAuthor Commented:
ok, i will check it
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