Hosted Exchange Connections

Hi All

We moved a client away from their local exchange server a while again and transferred them to hosted exchange.

They have two domain names, the main company one is now in the cloud and the other franchisee one is still using the local exchange server.

We have removed all reference of the main domain name from the local exchange server so it doesn't get confused.

My issue is that every time the hosting company of the hosted emails makes a change it causes major issues in users connecting again.

We know when an update has been done, e.g. when a user opens outlook it says something on the lines of - administrators have made a change, restart outlook to take affect.

When we do that outlook will not connect to exchange again - it just says 'trying to connect'

Sometimes we run a mailbox repair and that fixes it bit its causing us a nightmare.

We have tested the autodiscover CNAME record and that's pointing at the correct name -

Can anyone help?
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Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
It would really depend on what changes the hosted company are making - if they are just adidng a user or amending a name that shouldn't cause widespread connection issues if everything is setup correctly. Unfortunately without knowing your setup or the hosted mail setup is difficult to recommend specific areas to look into, have you reported this to the hosted mail providers to look into or assist with?

As you still use an on-site exchange server as well I'd double check all of your dns settings and records on your internal dns to see if there's any reference at all to your hosted email domain as any stray record could be causing issues. Check your Active Directory as well using ADSI edit to see if there's any reference to servers for that domain as well in the AD.

When Outlook is trying to connect it may be worth checking the Outlook connection  status (ctrl + right click the outlook icon in the notification area and select Connection status) as that would indicate what Outlook is actually trying to connect to (there may a server it's trying to reach which can't be at the time or an incorrect server). Also the Autodiscover test is useful to try as that will indicate if there's any issues with the autodiscover.
ryank85Author Commented:
Not sure what changes they are making but we have about 300 mailboxes on this platform and only this particular client has the issue.

Yes we still use the local exchange server for the other domain name, we have been told to add a CNAME record to the local DNS Server - >

When we try and run an nslookup on the PC with the issue with replies ok.

When we look at the connection status the links look right

Do you think a router could be causing intermittent issues?

Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
Can't rule the router out but would have expected you to have had other issues along side it if that was the problem.

It's possibly something to do with the way Outlook is handling the autodiscover cname record - could be causing some conflict or confusion with the connection.

Does the email hosting system have an SSL certificate with your domain (or on it?  If so I would try changing the cname record to an A record and just point it at the same IP as

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