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Win2003 transfer all roles per fsmo first or dns migration?

Hello Experts,

I have a Win2003 server listed as having all the roles in the fmso query. It is also the DNS server for AD.  I already built a 2008 Server and
started DNS and replicated the zones from 2003.  How to go about transferring all the roles, which to do first?

Retire DNS 2003,-add the new DNS to secondary entry on all the NICs. then go through the steps to transfer the roles?

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the order doesn't matter; once dns is working on the 2008 server, you can change the dns server entries anytime before taking the 2003 server down

quite frankly, if you demote the 2003 server, the fsmo roles will be transferred anyway to the other domain controller automatically
Transfer the roles first.

1.  Transfer the FSMO roles
2.  Move any other services to the new server (dhcp, printers, file shares, etc.)
3.  Demote the original server
4.  Change around the IP addresses so that the new server has the IP address of the original server (new IP address of the old server is immaterial)
5.  Test that clients can get IP addresses, log into the domain, access the Internet, etc.
6.  Go have a beer
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I ran adprep32 /forestprep  -successful  then i ran /domain prep  also successful.

my 2008 already ran DCPROMO as it is was a DNS server already.  

I ran the netdom fsmo on my 2008 and it still lists the 2003 machine as holder of all the roles though...