no internet - but windows updates are downloading


i am reinstalling an older Compaq NX9420 laptop - 4 GB ram
with a 320 GB disk drive
and Vista business 32 bit; no SP - yet
all is ok - all drivers are installed - no errors in device manager

However -  i cannot get on the internet (page can not be displayed)
but when i check windows updates, these are working and installing ok (hundreds)

i tried stopping the Anti-Virus (panda), lowering safety settings
ipconfig showed first media disconnected  -  or no gateway address

what can be the cause?  old internet explorer (7) ?  or do i need further downloads ?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make sure all is updated (if it will) and then run TCP/IP Reset / DNS Flush to see if that brings Internet back

Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator
Then  netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
Also, ipconfig /flushdns followed by net stop dnscache followed by net start dnscache
Then restart the computer

Please let us know. I have a Vista 64-bit machine and it updates and get internet just fine.

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nobusAuthor Commented:
this one was working ok, before i swapped the disk and the OS
it just seems starnge
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I would try what I suggested and/or also try uninstall/reinstalling the network card with new/proper drivers.
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I would download the Vista Servicepack 1 & 2 standalones and first install those, and once SP 2 is installed, do the Windows updates. That should save you a lot of time. After that try getting on the internet again. If it fails then, check your hosts file, or look your internet settings, maybe a proxy server is configured.
nobusAuthor Commented:
well - in the mean time, after downloading some 200 ones - i installed SP1 and the internet works ok; i followed it with SP2, and also all ok.  - so that part is closed, but i still like to know what can be the cause?
any ideas? (sorry john, i did not try your suggestion)

Rindi - that is what i did, but i found in the past often SP1 would refuse to install; you need to install some updates first
i did check the hosts file - nothing there
hulseboschSystem administratorCommented:
Listening to your complaint / problem, it reminds me of a known error in Vista.
Known as "DHCP broadcast error".
To my knowledge, this problem first occured in 2008 and has had the same issues.
There were even programs, build for this issue to correct it.
(Not provided by microsoft)

stangelly, by far,not all computers had this problem.
I never try browsing the Web before all the updates have been installed, and once done, I never use IE, but rather Firefox, so I can't say anything about the reason.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
in the mean time, after downloading some 200 ones - i installed SP1 and the internet works ok;...  but i still like to know what can be the cause?  <-- It is likely that some of the updates needed to be done as prerequisites for other updates which caused the problem.. That is one reason why Microsoft is enforcing updates on Windows 10.

I only use IE and do not see it as a problem.
nobusAuthor Commented:
i always use IE too, and am interested as to what can be the cause of this irregularity
hulseboschSystem administratorCommented:
Just wondering,
in the event of giving IPCONFIG /release - renew
Does this trigger a error message?
(I should say "did")
nobusAuthor Commented:
i can't answer that (too late) but ipconfig itself ran fine - only media disconnected (which was clearly not so) and no router address

so i'mm still looking as to why the windows updates still came in ??
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I suspect your updates were out of order. Since the updates are complete and it works, there doesn't seem to be a lot of other reasons. You did not try some of the connectivity tests but that is a moot point now.
In my point of view it doesn't really matter since it works now. As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't browse the web anyway before the system is fully patched and updated. Otherwise you are at a higher risk of getting compromised by malware or hackers etc.

That is also a reason I never use IE. It has some built-in security flaws, like Active-X which can be used to attack a system, which is not available in Firefox or other browsers.
nobusAuthor Commented:
>>   I wouldn't browse the web anyway before the system is fully patched and updated.  << that's what i wanted the to use the internet for...
i must say i had similar things happen in some cases of other new installs - that's why i'm still interested in the reason - or fix

as for updates out of order, i simply let automatic updates do it's thing

any more suggestions ?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I simply let automatic updates do it's thing  <--- And with Windows 7 and (IIRC) Vista to a somewhat lesser extent, stuff that should have been critical was left to recommended and not done. That is why (as I noted earlier) Windows 10 is not letting users make choices.

I do not think at this late stage that you will find a concrete reason.
Windows 10 does allow you to make choices, at least the Pro version and above, but you have to edit group policies to do so.

Personally I prefer the update setting that warns me that new ones are available, but allows me to select when and which ones to download and update. That way I can wait 2 or 3 days after the updates have been released until I actually update. Since about 2 or 3 years m$ has had a really bad record of pushing untested updates that which the victims then had to test, resulting in a lot of them being withdrawn after 1 or 2 days. If I wait 2 or 3 days until updating I don't risk getting those botched updates.
that's what i wanted the to use the internet for...

What do you mean with that? You don't have to browse the internet using a web-browser to get updates...
nobusAuthor Commented:
eg for installing drivers for the mobo
Get those drivers using another PC, or wait until the system is up-to-date before you get the drivers.
nobusAuthor Commented:
it's just that i want to avoid - swapping between pc's
but you say install drivers AFTER updates? any reason why ?
Some drivers get installed via Windows updates and for those it wouldn't be necessary to install them separately. Besides, if you have to use a web-browser on that PC to get the drivers, it is better to wait for the PC to be patched and relatively secure before you search for and download the drivers.
nobusAuthor Commented:
>>  Some drivers get installed via Windows updates   <<   i always thought the drivers from manufacturers were to be preferred above windows drivers??

and why would i have a risk when accessing only manufacturer's sites??
i presume thes must be virus free - no?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Some manufacturers (I use Lenovo) allow Microsoft to send out some updates.

I always found actual Manufacturer sites to be free of viruses.
Most of the time the m$ updates drivers are good enough. You only need manufacturer drivers if they offer more functions which you need, or the m$ ones don't work.

Web sites can be hacked, and it is also possible that you visit the wrong website before you get the one you really want. For example you could mistype the Link. I often produce typos... Many hacker sites try to use site-names that are similar to the originals, and that also look like the original.
nobusAuthor Commented:
john, tx for confirming my thought
rindi -i agree that you may have soem cases where it "could happen" as you explained -but i never came across such ones; so it looks a bit farfetched - but possible
i am always careful to access proper sites

ok let's wrap this up
i made a note of john's suggestion, to use  if i have such a problem again

so unless you have more ideas, i'll close this out  in a day or so
nobusAuthor Commented:
hulsebosch - too bad you did not provide a solution  for your suggestion
John - MS enforcing updates - yeah that's what they like most "enforcing" all kinda things on the customer
rindi - your suggestion for installing drivers using another PC is what i do often - but it does not look a good solution for people who only have 1 pc
and i like the discussion on the difference between MS - and manuf's drivers

all in one - no clear answer, but tx anyway
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks - I was happy to join the discussion.
hulseboschSystem administratorCommented:

In case you still want it, I'll be more than happy to provide you with the software mentioned.
It's just that I dont wanna post or push any "unwanted" software here.
nobusAuthor Commented:
by all means - post it, or a link to it - may turn out handy later
hulseboschSystem administratorCommented:
Allright Nobus,


The way to use is, as i recall, pretty strait forward.
So, I do hope this will help you out in the future.

Please remind, it's designed for Vista.
nobusAuthor Commented:
ok - tx
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