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Using existing Crystal in conversion from VB6 to VS2010 ADO.NET

I have a VB6 Application that I am converting to VS2010.  There are about 10 reports that are part of the VB6 app and I want to be able to view them in VS.

If I create a form, add a viewer what code is necessary in the form load to run an existing report without having to rewrite or redesign the report?

In VB6 we added a CRAXdt application then define a report pointer to the location of the crystal report.
The using thew viewer assign the report source, enable refresh and viewed the report.

Also what imports are necessary.. I am attempting this using ADO.net.
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Larry Rungren

8/22/2022 - Mon
Larry Rungren

These reports use their own data source, some with table groups, some with stored procedures as the source.  All I wan to do is use the reports as is in VB2010
Éric Moreau

not sure the old report format can be used with CR.Net.

I have written an article on how to use CR for .Net: http://emoreau.com/Entries/Articles/2006/09/Feeding-Crystal-Reports-from-your-application.aspx
Larry Rungren

I can run the reports from inside vb2010, but I am forced to log into the database server every time.
It seems to me that crystal is crystal ant all vb2010 needs to do is allow the report to be run from inside the application.
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William Peck
Mike McCracken

Crystal doesn't store the user name and password in the report thus the need for the application to provide it.

Here are 2 documents.  One from MS and the other from SAP/Crystal.

Migration from RDC (Crystal Reports for Visual Basic 6) to .NET

Migrating Applications From the RDC to the Crystal Reports XI .NET Assemblies

Direct link

Larry Rungren

The reports in question werre developed in SAP Crystal 2011. In VS I have a form with a report viewer.
I can import the report directly into the viewer and run it with no problem other than I am forced to log into the database server when I run the report.
I have attached the code used in VB6.  Is there no direct path to run crystal report in VS2010?
Mike McCracken

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Larry Rungren

Sorry for the delay... I just retired and am doing this project for my former employer, and I have spent the first two weeks of my retirement sort of slowing down a bit.

A quick perusal of the hints, I thought everything had to be done dynamically, but if I eliminate that code this should be a fairly painless process.

Thanks for the assist to all and have a great day.
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