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Windows Server 2012 R2 Std OEM number problem

I'm working on setting up a server, the licence I have is  Windows Server 2012R2 Standard.  The server was purchased from HP.

So I downloaded the ISO from

Note that this says "evaluate" but I thought that evaluation software would convert to normal use software when I input the product key.

Here's the screenshot from the server:

User generated image
Here's a pic of the license that I have:

User generated image
I attempted to run the conversion from the evaluation version to retail by following the directions herefollowing the directions here

This is the result of that attempt:

User generated image
Any thoughts on how to proceed?
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Do you have the HP Installation DVD for 2012 R2?  Like the desktop Windows editions, the HP installer activates automatically online - the CoA key on the sticker is proof of licensing but not for activation purposes.
contact HP to get the installation media. OEM vendors are responsible for the media or the method of delivery i.e. pre-installed with recovery media (could be a partition)
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I did call HP, actually.  According to them, they no longer ship media with the servers at all.  You have to download it from Microsoft's TechNet site.
Perhaps you should call Microsoft.  It is not unknown that they have licensing problems from time to time.
Looks like you have a good case.
My two cents.
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Wonderful, I hate typos.  have a great day
No one noticed before you...  The solution was not noticing your mistake, but rather (and we can only assume) the usage of the Get-TargetEdition option, and then applying the Product Key to the proper edition and not the eval-edition. Not an objection, just saying. But then again, no points awarded? All is well with the universe.
I realized after looking my question over that I had typed the conversion command incorrectly.  I did it the right way and the conversion from Eval to Retail worked just fine.  No one else noticed this error.