SCCM Implementation

I have a 2008 domain with WDS and WSUS (separate boxes) running and would like to implement SCCM.  I have heard numerous nightmares from those who have attempted this implementation.  Even a group that had Microsoft come in and it took months to get is operational.  My question: Does anyone know of a resource that has good documentation in which to implement this service?

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Peter LapetinaComputer Electronics InstructorAsked:
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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
We use SCCM now for a couple of years and it is great.

It is quite difficult to start. Therefore I recommend you first to visit MS SCCM 2012 course:

 It also depends for what you'll use it for:

- Inventory
- SW Deployment
- OS Deployment
- Remote Tools
- Patching
- Antivirus (SCEP)

The best site for sccm is

Check this link and good luck:

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Peter LapetinaComputer Electronics InstructorAuthor Commented:
The documentation that you referenced was pretty good. The instructions were fairly easy to follow. Even so, the steps that you showed did not always show the same. For instance, when activating .NET Framework 3.5.1, my server only indicated 3.0, eventually, I found it necessary to start the process all over. I was using W2008 Data Center that was fully patched. Tried installing SQL 2008 which failed the restart check so I went to SQL 2012, it installed but the SCCM 2012 installation had numerous errors.

After blowing the box away, installed Win2008 Std then installed .NET Framework 3.5.1 from DVD (would not install on line without additional downloads), then went to roles and activated .NET and WCF. The roles still only indicated .NET Framework 3.0.  Followed the remaining instructions then before installing SCCM 2012, fully patched the server and SQL 2008 with SP4.  The installed of SCCM went okay with no apparent errors and after reboot, the console started and connected to SQL.  

Start in on the next chapters including schema and delegation when in your instructions, is said that the SCCM server was listed in the device section, it wasn't. I ran it from the console on the box and after a time, it indicated active. So I attempted doing the DC. I put the ClientInstall account in a group and through GPO manager pushed that group out to the machines in the domain, and surprisingly, the group showed up and was able to login to the DC with the ClientInstall account. So I tried pushing the client out to all machines. Nothing happened.  I tried running the command to install the client from several local machines, it looks like it is trying to run, but it does not seem to connect back to the SCCM server.  Everything pings, firewall entries are in place, I even turned the firewalls off, but still no communications with SCCM.

During the discovery methods, I used all methods and it read my AD and populated SCCM from that, but not from any other source. I set boundaries,  using AD and IP range, but still not getting the client installed.  Did the client verify and it did.

But that is where I am stuck until I can get the client installed.  Any ideas?
richard ReyesCommented:
@Peter Lapetina - SCCM is a beast to master, I'm sure by now you have found a way to deploy the client. One of my favorite resources for SCCM 2012 is the "SCCM 2012 Unleashed" book (ISBN-13: 978-0672334375, ISBN-10: 0672334372). It covers everything need to know.

In the book you will find recommended methods of deploying the client, in chapter 9, Login Scripts,Client Push, Group Policy and SUP (Software Update Point).

I find the book to be an invaluable resource I do believe there is now an R2 version of the book.
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