Need to emulate F14 Key On Mac Book


I am using a Mac Book and IMac and on occasions when working remotely on Windows based VBA applications I need to send a Ctrl-Break.

On a standard Mac keyboard (F1 to F12 keys) this is simply not available. The following gleaned from the Web DO NOT work:-

Cntrl + . (full stop)
Cntrl + End
Cntrl + Escape
Cntrl + C
Cntrl + Shit and the above
Command and the above

What DOES work on my IMac is plugging in an extended Apple keyboard, the one with the numeric keypad with function keys that go up to F19 and have discovered that F14 does the job and sends whatever the esc code is to make the remote code break when required.

Whilst that is great whilst working at my desk, when on the road with my nice new Mac Book Pro, having to plug in an extended Apple keyboard is not ideal!

I have tried using the Windows OSK which depending on which version of Windows the remote PC has will sometimes have a break key however sometimes it does not and if it aint there the is no way of making the dam thing appear.

I have tried to find both Windows and Mac OSK software which will either offer me an F14 key on the Mac Book or a working 'Break' key on the remote PC, I can find neither.

Ideally I would simply like to emulate the F14 key available on the extended Apple keyboard from a standard Apple keyboard which does not have an F14 key.

So if anyone out there can help I would be SO grateful! Please keep in mind if you can assist that my Mac/OS X skill set is very much under development so clear step by step instructions would be appreciated.
BlueSunbeam2Managing DirectorAsked:
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try ctrl+scrolllck, ctrl+Numlock.
Ctrl+~ is at time is seen as a break
Try also ctrl+Z

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BlueSunbeam2Managing DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arnold - Using the OSK on the REMOTE PC control+scrolllck works, which is a big step forward if still a bit of a faff!

If anyone can offer a method of attack from the standard Mac Book Pro keyboard, that would be perfect!
Try ctrl-z ,ctrl-scrolllck, ctrl-numlock on your keyboard.
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BlueSunbeam2Managing DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arnold

Im not sure the Mac Book has a scrolllk/num lock on its keyboard or at least if they are there I cant see them!

BlueSunbeam2Managing DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks DavidAnders

I will look at this answer if all else fails as it looks like a commerial product is required, I would rather deal with it through what is standard on the Mac if I can.

David AndersTechnician Commented:
Explanation of Break Key (F14?)
Compact and notebook keyboards often do not have a dedicated Pause/Break key. These may use the following substitutes for Break:
Ctrl+Fn+F11 or Fn+B or Fn+Ctrl+B (on certain Lenovo laptops).[2][3]
Fn+Esc on Samsung.
Substitutes for Pause:
Fn+P or Fn+Ctrl+P or Fn+Alt+P (on certain Lenovo laptops).[3]
Apple keyboards do not have the Pause/Break key, as Mac OS X does not use it.[4]
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