how can i open a machine for remote management in order to pass commands with powershell ?


I have two machines in the lan and i'd like to manage services on both of them.


on powershellISE i pass the following command :

  Get-Service -ComputerName  host01.tata.toto.local   -> OK
  Get-Service -ComputerName  host02.tata.toto.local   -> KO , not enough privileges.

now both machines have the service WinRM running.
on the host02.tata.toto.local  i also pass the commands :  enable-PSRemoting.  and Set-WSManQuickConfig

the second command should be opening the port and add exception to FW.

What can i check in order to compare ? both machines have lots of open ports.
How to know what's avoiding Powershell to pass the command ?

thank you in advance for your help.

Erwin PombettAsked:
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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
try to run the command with domain admin account.

You can try this way:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName host02.tata.toto.local -ScriptBlock { Get-Service  }
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
Oh, and you do not have to do enable-PSRemoting on every machine in the domain. You can set this up with Group Policy:

And you have to open port 5985 on your clients
Erwin PombettAuthor Commented:
Hello Benjamin,

thank you for your reply

1st post
- invoke command doesn't do job either.

2nd post
- sure, once this is going to be stable i will change setting with GPO.
- the port 5985 is listening

actually i'm trying to diagnostique what 's the difference. i can make changes on both machines. The host01 is ok, i dont know what to change on host02. to have same config as host01 and be able to pass my commands remotely.

thanks for further help.

The remoting used by the Get-Service cmdlet (and most cmdlets that have the -computername parameter) is different from PowerShell Remoting.  Rather going into the details, this post has some good explanation.

So, running Enable-PSRemoting has no effect on the communication used by Get-Service.  Instead you need to have WMI (DCOM) allowed through the firewall.  Appropriate permissions are also required.

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