DNS changes for Lync

I am needing for lyncdiscover.xxx.com to point to xxxserverdataxxx.com and attempting to put a cname in the DNS manager.
I have lyncdiscover.xxx.com under Forward Lookup Zones and it doesn't allow me to put in a cname record indicating that it is incompatible with the CNAME record. How do I get lyncdiscover.xxx.com to point to xxxserverdataxxx.com?
Larry KiterlingAsked:
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Carol ChisholmCommented:
If it is the Windows internal DNS? make a host.
Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
Did you tried to add A record with the name lyncdiscover.xxx.com which points to the xxxserverdataxxx.com ?
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
It is internal DNS. A new host only allows me to use an IP address and not a FQDN.
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Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
No, if you put lyncserver.xxx.com in hosts file with the ip so it should redirect you on that ip when you call lyncserver.xxx.com from dnslookup
Carol ChisholmCommented:
I'm a bit confused. You have a host called  lyncdiscover.xxx.com which refers to an IP address.
Now you want to create a CNAME as well? That won't work, each URL can only appear once, as a host of a CNAME. Can you post the exact error?
Carol ChisholmCommented:
The host probably exists already:
You probably already have a host with an IP addressthen create the CNAME (Alias)
But the CNAME cannot be the same as the host
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
When adding a new Cname alias and I put in xxxserverdataxxx.com, I get 'A new record cannot be created. An alias record cannot be added to this DNS name. The DNS name contains record that are imcompatible with the Cname record.
Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
You recieve it because of prefix, your domain name is xyz.com its not allowing you create a entry which use xyz.com as an another domain's prefix like abz.xxx.xyz.com.
Try with adding another zone with that xxx.com required for lync and then add lyncserver which automatically be adds with .xxx.com
Carol ChisholmCommented:
OK so you don't have the correct zone setup.
You need to create a new zone (since this is AD integrated DNS)create new zone 1
Carol ChisholmCommented:
second part of new zone
And then you will be able to create the CNAME in the correct zone.

I'm not clear from your explanations which zones already exist in your forward lookup.
Carol ChisholmCommented:
xxxserverdataxxx.com is not a valid FQDN (Fully qualified domain name), It needs to be something like
123server.xxx.com in a zone for xxx.com
or 456server.xyz.com in a zone for xyz.com

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