looking for books on c++ and javascript

Hi experts,

I am looking for books which offers practical labs and theories on the following programming language:

 - c++ & javascript

I am slowly moving into programming area and would therefore need some guidelines where i can practise and get the best out of it.

Thanks and i look forward for some guidelines and directions on where best i can obtain these books from.

Regards, Bakaka
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Guru JiCommented:
For C++ you can try Learn C++ which gives you a starting point either you are a beginner or intermediate, , this free book will definitely take you through all the steps required to create and compile your programs with ease.

If you want good videos and more intiutive approach of learning then you have to pay for it and I found Lynda.com is best in delivering that. You can have a 10 day free trial on there website.

Where as Javascript, there is a new training in town know as Udemy, they provide training for various courses either free or for very little fee. Similar to Lynda but different approach and i think they have apps for ipad and phones too. They have a great FREE Javascript course, you may look there as well.. Same goes for C++, they have few free ones too.

Rest you can google for ebooks and youtube for more lessons and ideals. But if you are looking for something you get homework side by side then you might attend a class in a school or college part-time and for C++ /Javascript they offer various eclasses which you can take it from home and it requires lots of lessons, project work.

Hope this will help you to get started. :)
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
>> I am slowly moving into programming area
Honestly, neither of this languages are idea if you are new to programming. Both can be very idiosyncratic and you'll spend more time worrying about the complexities of the languages than you will about learning to code. I would start with Python as a first language. it's very easy to learn, teaches very good programming principles, enforces good programming structure and is so easy to read that even without programming experience you'll be able to follow examples.

If you are hell-bent on starting with C++ or JavaScript I would probably choose C++ as it is an all-purpose programming language, whereas JavaScript is really specialised to control web browsers. C++ will give you more exposure to more things. If you do start with C++ do NOT under any circumstances listen to anyone who recommends you learn C before C++. Anyone who suggests that does not know what they are talking about!

Finally, unless you have some coding experience, the chances of you learning anything other than the very basics of C++ are quite slim. It is a very difficult language to master. I've been coding in C++ professionally (with some of the best C++ programmers in the world) and I am still learning new things every day. In that respect JavaScript is probably better just because it's simpler to learn; however, if you learn JavaScript you'll learn a really poorly structured language that has weird ideas about programming concepts and you'll probably end up being a poor programmer.

Python is the way to go (at least for now)!

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Karrtik IyerSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Try the book jumping into c++ book which covers things from basics..
Jumping Into C++ https://www.amazon.in/dp/0988927802/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_YS2bwbSTF7XBJ
BakakaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Guru Ji, evilrix and Karrtik  lyer for the information on where to begin and how to get there. Your guys input has helped me indeed to choose the right path and direction at least for now.

Thanks again.

Cheers, Bakaka
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