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This is a test

I haven't seen a new Access question in three days so I'm posting one to see if the site is broken.  Please ignore.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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Where are you looking?  they've been coming through fine as far as anyone can tell.

This one alerted a few minutes earlier

I have been seeing questions come as a result of my 'saved searches' email setup
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This is what I see when I click on Access from the Topics button.User generated image
I get the same topic page, but here is my saved search
User generated imageSomething is broken.
I'm getting normal email notifys on Access questions, including this one.
I'm getting emails on threads that I follow or calls to experts.  it is the page I posted that is no longer working for me.  Is it working for the rest of you?
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I wondered the same. No new posts.

It is not very user friendly that you have to create your own "selections" just to get an updated list. Otherwise you each has to waste time moving around "refine results".

This must be a bug introduced recently.

They did work on the content feed not too long ago.

 I'll get it reported.

Thanks Jim.  Doesn't anyone test any more?

Thanks Nick and Gus for the suggestion about refine results and creating custom searches.
While we are here ... Jim ... all this garbage that appears below the Comment box (below Preview/Submit) buttons ... starting with Contributors ... at best ... all that extra stuff will just slow down the page loads ... and is 99% useless, *especially* all the junk not related to Access  (this Zone).  What is the logic for this? Of course I can guess ... but they reeeeeally need to lose all that clutter.  It brings nothing to the party.

I don't think you'll see that disappear... all that stuff was just added.  And do you really find the page loading slow?

 There was argument if it was all really needed or not, but the problem was that there simply was too much information being posted in the comment banners, which got repeated over and over with every comment.

Now with it at the bottom, it's there once and there's more room to put things associated with it (like "message").  The links on the left rail let you jump quickly to the different sections so you don't have to scroll through each section and the scrolling for the questions/comment section has been reduced.

Things on the right rail are were you might go next outside of the content at hand.

One other comment; right now, were stuck with one skin and trying to make it as best as possible for all.

So while you may consider it to be junk, many do not.   Since the UX changes went in, the stats have taken a jump up on usability.

(@ Jim)
Well, I suppose ... but it seems like overkill to me. Thx for the clarification.
Thanks for the link N but there really should be a public link to post bugs and suggestions.  I couldn't see any way to communicate this problem to the PTB except post a question in the forum and hope someone picked up on it.

It is not just the Access forum where I only see old data.  It is all of them.  It is just that Access is the one I use all the time.  Based on the comments here, I am not the only one.  I'm sure you would have heard about this earlier if there were a link to report issues somewhere obvious.
Call me a bit cynical, but it would be nice to see the question persist, and be closed when the issue is fixed -- and not deleted at all.
This seems fixed now.

It is showing newer items but it is not fixed.  The list I see when I click Refine Results is different from the list that displays originally.  Notice the gap between 27 and 21.  Where did all those items go and why is this default view filtering on dates?  Shouldn't it be showing everything?  How do you get the query to skip six days without hard coding dates?
Yes, that's how it is. I was too quick - and optimistic.