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Help with switch specs and configuration

I have a customer that currently has multiple HP 2510G-24/48 switches across their network. Each switch has multiple vlans configured on it. They do not have a core switch as such, and all intra-vlan routing is being carried out with the help of their SonicWALL firewall. Less than ideal, but this is what i have to cope with.

I'm looking to potentially upgrade all their switches to 2920's, with a mixture of 24/48 and also some with PoE. This is where their budget lies, so anything beyond this pricing bracket is probably a no-go. However, i'd like to also provide them with a better solution for routing between vlans, rather than relying on firewalls. Is the 2920 capable of routing, or can you suggest a suitable core switch that would fit this infrastructure.

Also, on a separate note, currently if they want to add a vlan to the network on the 2510's, each switch has to have the vlan manually configured on it, even if there are no ports being used in that vlan, otherwise it doesn't seem to work correctly?
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The switches are daisy chained currently. Something I'm looking to resolve, but that explains the vlan issue. Thanks Don!