Sharing iPhone photos on a Windows network with no desktop available

At my workplace I have a detached building that sits in the middle of a scrapyard. As you can imagine it gets very dirty in that building. The users in that building don't need powerful desktops, they can get by with something like a thin client that RDPs into a terminal server. Since I already have thin clients in other locations at my workplace it won't be an issue setting them up.

My problem stems from the fact that those users need to transfer photos they take out in the scrapyard to a network location. Currently they transfer with a data cable plugged into their Windows desktops. Unfortunately the thin clients I hoped to put in don't recognize the iPhone as a storage device/pass that connection onto the RDP server to open up. (I would've really really liked to have gotten this working, but short of updating the underlying ubuntu distro the thin client OS sits on top of, this isn't going to happen)

What I'm looking for is an alternate way to let the users upload their photos without a full desktop being present. Here's what I've considered so far:

-Different thin clients: I currently support about thirty of these thin clients, if I considered purchasing new thin clients just for this purpose, I'd only need three and I'd only need them at that location. I'd rather not support a second set of thin clients just for three users

-Wireless transfer: There's three strikes against this method. The pictures are big, the user takes a lot of them at one time, and even if we did end up going this route any of the software I've seen (which hasn't been much I admit) seems too complicated for my users. They're scrapyard workers and not too technically inclined. Plus they're already used to just plugging in a cable and pulling files in somewhat quickly.

-Bluetooth: See the answer above and add on to that these thin clients don't come with bluetooth. I could get a receiver and test to see if that would work. Even if did work, it seems like the transfer speed would be comparable to wireless.

-Network connected USB hub: I would love to find one of these that would work with an iPhone, I have not found anything so far.

-Cheap digital cameras for the users and a usb card reader for the thin client: The users have gone through (i.e. broken) several digital cameras. They don't seem to break their company owned (or personal) iPhones for some reason.

More info:
Most of my servers are 2008 R2, which is where the network folders these photos need to get added to reside on.
The users iPhones are 5s or 5Ss.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Please let me know if my information on one of the considerations above is incorrect or you have a better solution I missed either in one of those categories or out of.
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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:

221$, comes with windows, has a power based USB port (for charging) on the front, supports wireless and is cheap AF.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Either cheap cameras, or switch to using more "open" phones. Android phones should be easy enough, the photos are just stored in a folder. Most Android phones also just connect with a standard Micro USB cable.

Plenty of cameras out there for under $100, which will take a better photo than an iPhone. You can get TEN on the ones below for $250.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
If I remember correctly, you want the iphone forwarded to the RDS session.  Works on Windows clients, not on linux based thins.  Correct?  

That computer I posted above is perfect, cheap and comes with windows 8.1 (win 7 installed)
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travisryanAuthor Commented:
choward, the computer you linked to, do you know if that uses passive cooling? The main reason I wanted to put thin clients out in this building is that they're all passively cooled meaning no fans to suck all of the surrounding dirt into the machine.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
They're passive.
travisryanAuthor Commented:
I ended going with an HP t520 thin client that runs Win 7 embedded and a piece of software called "USB Redirector TS Edition" Homepage. I installed the workstation and server portions, then installed the windows desktop experience on my terminal server, and I could access photos on the iPhone while RDP'd in.

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travisryanAuthor Commented:
This ended up being the optimal solution.
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