MailEnable Server & Client Issues


I have recently installed MailEnable Standard. I have ports 80, 143, 110 and 25 open and NATted (PATed) to the MailEnable Server.


(1)  The website says that MailEnable Standard includes a webmail server.  There is painfully little documentation on this.  Does anyone know what the URL would be?  And is there someplace special to setup/customize/administer this?

 The Mobile client on my phone & Tablet are not working.  The mobile devices are different brands, different OS versions, and Different apps.

(2A) I setup the account using IMAP & it seems to connect without error, but I never receive any of the emails to to the account.    What am I doing wrong?  (A) Is the connection to the mobile apps set up wrong?  (because I am not receiving email there)

(2B) Furthermore, using my desktop client (Also, IMAP, where I can receive emails just fine) I have set up a number of sub folders.  These sub folders do not appear on the mobile email client on either device.  Are the folders not getting synced up to the server from the PC?  (Because they dont synch down to other devices).  And if not, why not?


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Andrej PirmanCommented:
MailEnable is quite good product, but must configure it right. I have dozen of ME setups out there, running for 5+ years without ever touching them - no problems ever.

first off, I'd suggest you to forget about standard non-encrypted protocols on ports 110 and 143. Shift to SSL-encrypted communication (SSL certs are cheap, you can get one for 10US$/year) and setup protocols:
- SMTP listen on port 25, relay denied, port 25 NAT-ed from public port 25
- SMTP TLS on port 587 and SSL on port 465, natted and auth required
- POP3 SSL on port 995, natted from public 995, authentication required
- IMAP with TLS on port 143 and SSL on port 993, also natted directly, auth required

Before all those make sure you setup your internet domain for receiving mail. Make sure you have domain and A-record like "" pointed to your public IP address.
Then ask your ISP to setup Reverse pointer PTR for your public IP address to "" and also verify, that your ISP allows incoming port 25, so you will be able to receive mail from outside world. Many ISP block incomoing port 25 by default on dynamic IP addresses, and allow it only on static IP addresses.

Webmail on MailEnable is configured during install and fine-tuned after via MailEnable Management Console. It has its own web server, but you must make sure it does not conflict with your existing IIS or any other web server, already installed on your server. I mean, make sure, nothing else is listening on ports 80 and 443 before you install MailEnable.
By default it is listening on port 80 and address is http://localhost/mewebmail

Buy and install SSL certificate and configure all mentioned aspects above via ME Management Console.

Regarding Sub-Folders...Most mobile clients automatically sync only INBOX subfolders, but might skip parallel structure folders (which are not sub-folders of INBOX, SENT, TRASH folders).

There are quite a lot of knowledge base articles and documentation available here
Just use SEARCH :)
cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:
Yes, all my DNS ducks should already be in a row.  This email server replaces a previous server (different software) so the MX record, SPF, reverse DNS, etc.  Should all be set up already.

Yes, I plan on implementing more secure connection soon, but If I cant even get the basics going.... whats the point?

The sub folders are under the inbox folder.  I have another email client on the server and it cant see the folders either.  They don't appear to be syncing up to the server from my primary email client (outlook).

Webmail says it's running, but when I go to from a browser on the MailEnable server I get a generic IIS 8.5 screen.  I get the same when I navigate to the sever's port 80 from another box.  When I navigate there from a browser outside the network, I simply get "This webpage is not available.  ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED".

cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:
I got the webmail to work.  I just didnt know the url.  It is localhost\mewebmail

Notibly, in the webmail client, all the folders are there and populated.  So the outlook client that is running on the server is synchronizing with the server.  

The remote clients are just not synching.  Why?  Does that use a different port?

cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:
The issue was multiple postoffice databases, one default and one  The local clients wanted to use the default and the remote clients wanted to use the

I merged the two post offices and updated the login user ID to be full user@domain and it worked fine.

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cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:
Andrej Pirman provided the answer to the webmail issue.  
Further research yielded the answer to the remote/mobile client synch issue.

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