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VMWARE Site Recovery - How is this environment set up??

Working in an environment that has two locations (connected by a high speed (>1GB) connection.  Two separate subnets (one for each location).  Vcenter server set up at each location, with a few dozen machines at each.

Noticed there's a "vSphere Replication Appliance" machine running at each location in vcenter (Picture 3).
There's also a virtual machine called "SRM" (which I assumed was "Site recovery manager").  I logged into it, and it has the vsphere client on it and a program that makes mention of vsphere site recovery (Picture 1).  In the installed applications in Windows, I see more site recovery pieces (Picture 2).  However, when I log into vcenter on that machine (or any machine I can find that has the vcenter client), when I go to the home page I don't see anything referring to the Site Recovery Manager, and when I go to the plug-in manager, I see it as an available plugin, but not installed (Picture 4).  

I know Site Recovery Manager has been used at some point, because there are some servers at the one facility that have the icon next to them in vcenter and when I click 'edit settings' on them i'm told that the machine is managed by site recovery manager (Picture 5).

I logged into the web client, and I see 'site recovery', but it shows 0 sites, 0 replication or protection groups, 0 recovery plans, etc. and a message about being unable to connect to the site recovery manager server (Picture 6).   VSphere Replication (Picture 8) shows that vsphere replication is enabled, but not accessible. (Picture 8).

What's worrying is when I browse the datastores on the one location, I see names of some of the servers running on the other location ("Websites" in the example in Picture 7), and the modified date is recent (this morning).  Although this machine is running at the other location, and VEEAM (the only software currently being used to back up and replicate) has not run.

Trying to figure out what's running in terms of site recovery or replication, and how to access it.  There's the windows machine on both ends called "SRM" with the site recovery manager pieces (pictures 1 - 3), and then the vcenter replication appliance running on both sides.
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