Access and Word vba


I have the following

Dim objWord As Word.Application
Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim WordHeaderFooter As HeaderFooter

Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

With objWord
    .Visible = True

    Set doc = .Documents.Add
    doc.SaveAs CurrentProject.Path & "\TestDoc.docx"
End With

At the moment it is saving in the project folder. I am trying to change it so it saves to another location.
I have tried doc.SaveAs "C:\location\" & "\Doc.docx"  but it wont accept. any help appreciated

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Ryan ChongCommented:
>>I have tried doc.SaveAs "C:\location\" & "\Doc.docx"  but it wont accept. any help appreciated

1. make sure the selected folder exist?
2. make sure you have enough permission to write to that folder?
Ryan ChongCommented:
and you can try:
doc.SaveAs "C:\location\Doc.docx"

Open in new window

instead of:
doc.SaveAs "C:\location\" & "\Doc.docx"

Open in new window


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chesteraAuthor Commented:
Ryan Chong

Hi Ryan When I  use doc.SaveAs "C:\location\" & "\Doc.docx"    I get Error 5152 check the path. I know the path is correct.

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Ryan ChongCommented:
as mentioned, have you tried?

>> doc.SaveAs "C:\location\Doc.docx"

is folder: C:\location exist and accessible with write permission?

can you post the full error message for Error 5152 ?
chesteraAuthor Commented:
Ryan Chong

I have fixed the problem. Looking the path all seemed ok so just to make sure I deleted the folder and re-installed and it now works must have been some small unseen corruption. Thank you for your help

chesteraAuthor Commented:
Thank you again
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:

Usually it is spaces in path names (sometimes it is hard to tell if you have more than one) or repeating back slashes, or a problem with delimiters.

 So here's a tip and this applies to anything that you might assemble as a reference  (like a SQL Statement your going to execute in code) from literals or other variables.   Always put it in a variable and execute it like this:

strFullPath = "C:\location\" & "\Doc.docx"  
doc.SaveAs strFullPath

The reason to do it this way (even though it is a little more overhead) is that you can put a break point on the line and inspect the full reference that the statement will use.

This makes it a lot easier to debug and spot mistakes as often when using other variables, the problem is with the data which you don't see.  For example, in a SQL Statement, you might have a last name of "D'Angelo", with that extra apostrophe giving you all kinds of grief.

In this case, it would become obvious that you had:


 Maybe that was a typo, but maybe not.  Anyway, you can see what I am getting at.

chesteraAuthor Commented:
Jim Dettman

Hi Jim

Thank you for that advice most appreciated

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