SCCM Deployment PXE

We seem to be having issues with our image packages or something just doesnt seem right and I am hoping someone would be able to give pointers for troubleshooting, what logs to view or where to start. the errors are below with Dell Optiplex machines:
optiolex 755
optiplex 745
Also a Latitude E5440

The issues/errors below are what we get every 3 to 6 machines we try to image, but what concerns me is that we get the errors, but after  few runs, they complete successfully. Suggestions what logs to view for errors or anything I should check on task sequences or anything? some other machines go right through the imaging, while other machines end with the errors and after  a few more tries will complete successfully.  any help would be greatly appreciated.
GrizNation23IT DirectorAsked:
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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
When an error occurs you have to press F8.

you will get a command prompt.

The log you are looking for is smsts.log

copy the log to nework share ond open it with SMS Tracer Utility
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thnx Voglar, will try today and report on results.
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
now we getting more errors :( will post later this weekend. thnx
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GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
would SCEP affect my pxe boot environment if installed on my SCCM server?
Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:

You have multiple apparently separate issues but I think they may be linked:

Task Sequence failed with error code 0x8007052E".
means join domain is failing. Either the OU is denied or the joindomain account

Error 00000035 - is network driver is missing (in WinPE)

Error 0x80070002 in SCCM 2012 - is also a network error during OSD, because files are not accessible by the computer

My conclusion from the screenshots is WinPE is missing network drivers and the network account does not have the right permissions.
The curious thing is how it works eventually if you keep trying. I have no answer to that, without more info.

I am currently deploying OptiPlex 7020s and 5530 laptops. They both worked fine with default WinPE drivers - i.e. no extras required. I did add 4 network drivers for other Dell hardware.

I would look at those possible issues first.

Troubleshooting steps

Enable F8 in your WinPE boot image and check you have an IP.
Look at smsts.log in x:\windows\temp\smstslog during the WinPE stage.
Later it moves to C:\_SMStasksequence\SMSTSLog
Read it with cmtrace which is already in WinPE. During the Windows phase you will need a USB stick with it on.

The other thing to try, is to simplify. Create a copy of your task-sequence and remove/disable all the apps and just leave drivers and test with that. It will be much quicker and prove the bare essentials work.

SCEP would have no effect on your deployment that I know of.

Note - I am currently on a project deploying the above Dell models daily and have built and rebuilt them many, many times without the issues you've seen so it's not the hardware!

Attach your smsts.log here if you're still stuck. Post one from a good machine and one from a failing machine would be best. There are lots of other logs but they are far less useful until later.

Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:
Any update?
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I am currently waiting for a few more computers to be imaged, that way i can start the troubleshooting. Thanks a lot, ill try the suggestions Mike. will keep you posted. thnx
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Mike T, I sent a PM, suggestions. thanks,
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Ok, I am not sure how to post my log without providing too much information about my network, so here are few copies of the errors I am receiving.


Start to compile TS policy      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Policy complied successfully in WMI 'root\ccm\policy\defaultmachine\requestedconfig' namespace      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

End TS policy compilation      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Compiling AppManClientConfig policy...      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Retrieving value from TSEnv for '_SMSTSAppManClientConfigPolicy'      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

::DecompressBuffer(65536)      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Decompression (zlib) succeeded: original size 977, uncompressed size 6358.      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Instance path = 'CCM_ApplicationManagementClientConfig.SiteSettingsKey="1"'      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Start to compile TS policy      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Failed to find property 'AutoApplyDeployment' in 'CCM_ApplicationManagementClientConfig' class defintion. Error 0x80041002. Default value will be used for this property      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Policy complied successfully in WMI 'root\ccm\policy\defaultmachine\requestedconfig' namespace      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

End TS policy compilation      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Get Install Directory for SMS Client      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Updating settings in \\.\root\ccm\policy\machine\actualconfig      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:09 PM      1664 (0x0680)

RequestedConfig policy instance(s) : 436      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:10 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Locked \\.\ROOT\ccm\Policy\Machine\RequestedConfig for source SMS:Client:Default:{8864FB91-94EE-4F16-A144-0D82A232049D} successfully      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:10 PM      1664 (0x0680)

Namespace: \\.\ROOT\ccm\Policy\Machine\RequestedConfig, Query: SELECT PolicyID FROM CCM_Policy_Policy5 WHERE (PolicySource = "SMS:Client:Default:{8864FB91-94EE-4F16-A144-0D82A232049D}") AND (PolicyState = "Active") AND (PolicyType = "Machine")      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:10 PM      1664 (0x0680)

There is no ccm_policy_policy instance, skipping addition to realinst map      TSManager      10/14/2015 2:53:10 PM      1664 (0x0680)

GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
another portion with error:

CcmExec service is up and fully operational      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Remediating      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

pNAP->GetSystemIsolationInfo(&pNAPInfo, &bUnknownConnections), HRESULT=8027000c (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\tasksequence\napcontrol\remediate.cpp,463)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

GetSystemIsolationInfo(spNapClientInfo, &IsoStat), HRESULT=8027000c (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\tasksequence\napcontrol\remediate.cpp,632)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Error getting system isolation info. Code 8027000C      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

ComputeComplianceAndRemediate(&QState), HRESULT=8027000c (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\tasksequence\napcontrol\tsnapcontrol.cpp,48)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Remediation failed. Code 8027000C      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

hr = m_oNapCtrl.Remediate(QState), HRESULT=8027000c (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\tasksequence\tsmanager\tsmanager.cpp,1539)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Remediation failed with error code 8027000C      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Initializing TS Engine      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Getting TaskSequenceXML from environment      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Parsing task sequence . . .      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:

We really need the whole log file as an attachment. Please feel free to delete IP addresses and server names. Use find & replace in notepad will be fine.

GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Start executing the command line: smsswd.exe /run: powershell.exe -command n:\scripts\PCRename.ps1      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Expand a string: WinPEandFullOS      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)
Executing command line: smsswd.exe /run: powershell.exe -command n:\scripts\PCRename.ps1      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

[ smsswd.exe ]      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

PackageID = ''      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

BaseVar = '', ContinueOnError=''      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

ProgramName = 'powershell.exe -command n:\scripts\PCRename.ps1'      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

SwdAction = '0001'      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

::LogonUser(sUserAccountName, sUserDomainName, sUserPassword, LOGON32_LOGON_INTERACTIVE, LOGON32_PROVIDER_DEFAULT, &hUserToken), HRESULT=8007052e (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installsoftware\runcommandline.cpp,324)      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

LogonUser failed with the error 0x8007052e      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

cmd.Execute(pszPkgID, sProgramName, dwCmdLineExitCode), HRESULT=8007052e (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installsoftware\main.cpp,372)      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

Install Software failed to run command line, hr=0x8007052e      InstallSoftware      1736 (0x06C8)

Process completed with exit code 2147943726      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Failed to run the action: Renaming PC.

Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. (Error: 8007052E; Source: Windows)      

TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

MP server Ports 80,443. CRL=false.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Setting authenticator      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Set authenticator in transport      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Sending StatusMessage      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Setting message signatures.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Setting the authenticator.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: URL  CCM_POST /ccm_system/request      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Request was successful.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Set a global environment variable _SMSTSLastActionRetCode=-2147023570      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Set a global environment variable _SMSTSLastActionSucceeded=false      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Clear local default environment      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Let the parent group (PC Rename) decides whether to continue execution      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

The execution of the group (PC Rename) has failed and the execution has been aborted. An action failed.
Operation aborted (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Failed to run the last action: Renaming PC. Execution of task sequence failed.
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. (Error: 8007052E; Source: Windows)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

MP server http:// Ports 80,443. CRL=false.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Setting authenticator      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Set authenticator in transport      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Sending StatusMessage      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Setting message signatures.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Setting the authenticator.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: URL:  CCM_POST /ccm_system/request      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Request was successful.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Launching command shell.      OSDSetupHook      2160 (0x0870)

executing command: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k      OSDSetupHook      2160 (0x0870)

executed command: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k      OSDSetupHook      2160 (0x0870)
Execution::enExecutionFail != m_eExecutionResult, HRESULT=80004005

(e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\tasksequence\tsmanager\tsmanager.cpp,923)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Task Sequence Engine failed! Code: enExecutionFail      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)
****************************************************************************      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Task sequence execution failed with error code 80004005      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Cleaning Up.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Removing Authenticator      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Cleaning up task sequence folder      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Unable to delete file C:\_SMSTaskSequence\TSEnv.dat (0x80070005). Continuing.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

hr, HRESULT=80070091 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\framework\core\ccmcore\ccmfile.cpp,1218)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Failed to delete directory 'C:\_SMSTaskSequence'      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

(dwRet = ::SetNamedSecurityInfoW ((WCHAR*) pszObjectName, objectType, OWNER_SECURITY_INFORMATION, pOwnerSID, NULL, NULL, NULL)) == ERROR_SUCCESS, HRESULT=80070005 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\framework\tscore\utils.cpp,6675)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

SetNamedSecurityInfo() failed.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

SetObjectOwner() failed. 0x80070005.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)
SetObjectOwner (szFName, SE_FILE_OBJECT, c_szAdministrators), HRESULT=80070005 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\framework\tscore\utils.cpp,6772)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

RemoveFile() failed for C:\_SMSTaskSequence\TSEnv.dat. 0x80070005.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

RemoveDirectoryW failed (0x80070091) for C:\_SMSTaskSequence      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Deleting volume ID file C:\_SMSTSVolumeID.7159644d-f741-45d5-ab29-0ad8aa4771ca ...      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

DeleteFileW(sVolumeIDFile.c_str()), HRESULT=80070002 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\framework\tscore\resolvesource.cpp,508)      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Successfully unregistered Task Sequencing Environment COM Interface.      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Command line for extension .exe is "%1" %*      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Set command line: "C:\WINDOWS\CCM\TsProgressUI.exe" /Unregister      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

Executing command line: "C:\WINDOWS\CCM\TsProgressUI.exe" /Unregister      TSManager      1664 (0x0680)

==========[ TsProgressUI started in process 692 ]==========      TsProgressUI      2668 (0x0A6C)
Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:

Your task sequence is failing because your PC rename script needs user credentials and fails. It needs the username and password and is either not being passed them, the account is locked out or they are wrong (typos)

"LogonUser failed with the error 0x8007052e"

That is not really the best way to name machines. It is much more versatile and supported to use the customsettings.ini file. You can get complex with this if you want but it's up to you as the naming convention you have.

I tend to use the BIOS service tag as it is unique enough.

Check out this article:

GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
log attached. thnx
Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:

I can see a few things

1. Network folder

"Connect to Network Scripts Folder. Instruction pointe Set" This is normally more trouble than it is worth because the TS runs as system context and you have to explicitly run as another account.
It is easier to create a package (not application) and put all your scripts in that instead. Arguably better still is to create a custom directory inside the MDT toolkit scripts directory and use that.

To use the latter you can use %deployroot%\scripts\yourscript.ps1

2. PC rename script

this is where your TS fails.
Executing command line: smsswd.exe /run: powershell.exe -command n:\scripts\PCRename.ps1

ProgramName = 'powershell.exe command n:\scripts\PCRename.ps1'

LogonUser(sUserAccountName, sUserDomainName, sUserPassword, LOGON32_LOGON_INTERACTIVE LogonUser failed with the error 0x8007052e

Is  access denied, I guess to the N: drive, because you're trying to access the path and it can't.
If you follow the answer to (1) this will avoid the whole issue.

GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
thanks Mike i am currently working on this today. will provide an update asap. thnx
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
we actually had consultants create our first TS and images. I am going to create my own TS now and deploy our basic reference capture. Any good reference material or suggestions on how to get TS to install the Config Manager client on the newly imaged pc, or is it best to just have the scheduled push to do that job? thanks,
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
by the way, it seems consults did not use MDT.
Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:

If you are deploying a full task-sequence the default template will already include the client so you do not have to worry about it. Pushing the client is only an issue for machines that are already out on desks and are not going to be rebuilt.

There are several ways to push it:

login script
a package
automatically via client push


I prefer the latter method because you don't have to mess about with yet more technology or tools.
You just choose a collection and push it. The only tip I have is to start small with a few machines and watch the ccmsetup.log on a machine to track it. You can connect to a machine remotely with cmtrace if firewalls do not get in the way.

PS: consultants were not too hot if they did not install MDT. It is a massive help and you need to do it to help yourself. It adds the variables:


which are priceless alone.


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GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Decided to integrate mdt and create my own task sequence and edit. Thanks a lot, sounds like less headache after mdt is integrated successfully. thanks,
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