Untangle NG as failover DHCP server for Windows Server 2008

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We have an Untangle NG Firewall with DHCP turned off.  And, we have an Active Directory domain with our Windows 2008 server running DHCP.   I'd like to use the Untangle Firewall as a DHCP failover in case the Windows 2008 server is down.  I'm looking for a failover solution which would support reservations.    Want to know if anyone has used Untangle as a failover DHCP server and how you configured Windows 2008 server to do it.   I know we could use a split scope solution, but, looking for full scope failover solution if possible.
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I use the free untangle software in several locations. My understanding is that it's the same as the appliance software. Responding with that understanding, the DHCP server is very minimal from what I recall. I would have used it at one of my sites but I couldn't find an easy way to configure something as simple as the DNS servers in the untangle server that DHCP hands out.

bottom line: I wouldn't use it at all. Besides, if your single AD server goes down you don't have DNS. (you cannot use a non AD DNS server as a "secondary" without causing sporadic problems with your network. If you really need redundancy, make sure you understand AD backup and restore properly and setup a second DC.


Are there any Linux Servers which could join a Windows Server Domain which might be compatible as a backup DNS and DHCP server ?

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