how to toggle multiple divs jquery

Setup, I have a bootstrap page with two areas a left and a right side.
What I am trying to accomplish is as you are reading a text on the left you have a form on the right side.
there are many steps. so on the left at the end of the text you click a next button. That hides the current div area on the left and the right and shows a new dive area on the left and right side.
    <div class="row">
        <!-- Left Area (Script) -->
        <div class="col-md-6">
            <div id="step1s" class='show'>
                <p>Script Step 1
                    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam vel lobortis leo, quis gravida risus. Suspendisse hendrerit eros vel molestie luctus. Aliquam pretium nec dolor a ullamcorper. Praesent lorem turpis, feugiat a purus at, placerat sollicitudin odio. Vestibulum et tristique ante. Praesent quis sollicitudin diam. Praesent nec lectus sed felis tincidunt pellentesque. Donec facilisis risus ipsum, vitae imperdiet sem sodales eu. Fusce diam mi, sagittis vel orci in, facilisis sagittis quam</p>
                <button id="button1" class="btn btn-primary pull-right">Next</button>
            <div id="step2s" class='hidden'>
                <p>Script Step 2
                    Quisque vel rhoncus dolor, eu iaculis erat. Etiam eleifend nisl et nibh commodo tempor. Nunc in magna at tortor tempor posuere dictum interdum ipsum. Maecenas velit nisl, malesuada non venenatis ut, accumsan vitae enim. Pellentesque posuere euismod ligula et gravida. Aliquam vitae feugiat libero. Proin felis augue, suscipit vel neque non, lobortis posuere turpis. Donec consequat, ligula nec tempor cursus, mi urna sollicitudin ante, ac fringilla felis nisl at nulla. Pellentesque vehicula gravida mi et porttitor. Morbi tellus felis, varius non nunc vel, posuere venenatis odio. Phasellus blandit tempus luctus. Donec aliquet ante eu tincidunt pharetra. Proin nec neque in ligula efficitur gravida a ac erat. Vestibulum nisi urna, posuere ut aliquam vel, efficitur at elit. Morbi nec gravida massa, fermentum feugiat nisl. Fusce placerat ornare mollis.</p>

            <div id="step3s" class='hidden'>
                <p> Script Step 3</p>
            <div id="step4s" class='hidden'>
                <p>Script Step 4</p>

            <div id="step5s" class='hidden'>
                <p>Script Step 5</p>

            <div id="step6s" class='hidden'>
                <p>Script Step 6</p>


        </div><!-- / End Left -->

        <!-- Right Area (Form) -->
        <div class="col-md-6">
            <div id="step1f" class=''>
                <p>Form Step 1</p>
            <div id="step2f" class='hidden'>
                <p>Form Step 2</p>
            <div id="step3f" class='hidden'>
                <p>Form Step 3</p>
            <div id="step4f" class='hidden'>
                <p>Form Step 4</p>
            <div id="step5f" class='hidden'>
                <p>Form Step 5</p>
            <div id="step6f" class='hidden'>
                <p>Form Step 6</p>

        </div><!-- / End Right -->

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How do I accomplish this with jquery?
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Tom BeckCommented:
Have a look at this jsfiddle.

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