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tips on using a button vs dropdown

I have a dropdown that list the names of spreadsheets stored in a tab (sheet 2). Once the name is selected in launches to that sheet. I would like to not assign a macro to the dropdown and assign it to the button to control when it launches. What are your suggestions to do this?

this is what i am currently using for my code:

Sub DropDown_Change()
    With ActiveSheet.DropDowns("Drop Down 1")
        If .ListIndex > 0 Then
            Application.Goto Sheets(.List(.ListIndex)).Range("A1")
        End If
    End With
End Sub

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Kanti Prasad


If a user does not need to know all the choices in your list of data then using drop down is fine. Say like a like California or New York and they can select one state from all those choices but they need not know what are other states missing etc.

You use radio buttons when you need the user to see all the alternatives and then make a decision which one to selects.

Rule of thumb: If it's a long list or the alternatives aren't that important, use a drop down. So it is on what data you have in that list.

If you are looking for the code just let us know.
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Thanks for the points.
I have a long list of data to include in the drop down.
I was looking for code as well.
I think i will be using the
With ActiveSheet.Shapes("Button 2")
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Just as simple as reassigning the macro.... i didnt even think about that. Thanks for your help.