Can Emedded maco be used to populate unbound text boxes on ACCESS 2010 form

I have a combobox that displays records for the selected CaseID.  However, in the query of the combox box is the fullname of the person.  The combobox searches based on the CaseID, but is there a way in the macro to have it populate the unbound textbox called txtPerson with the information from the combox query column 2?  the query is:
SELECT CAS.CaseID, PER.PersonID, PER.FirstName & ' ' & PER.LastName AS Fullname
FROM tblPerson AS PER INNER JOIN tblCase AS CAS ON PER.PersonID = CAS.PersonID
WHERE (((PER.PersonType)='Caregiver'));
Sandra SmithRetiredAsked:
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Do you want the first row returned or all rows in your textbox?
The way your query is written, it would potentially be more useful to populate a listbox or combobox control rather than a textbox control.
Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
It will only return one record as it filters by the PersonID.  the text box is for information for the user on the form, it is the result of a selection in the combox box.  the personID is passed to the procedure that queries the database and returns the Name of the person.
I think I've misread what you are trying to do.  You want the textbox value to equal the third column in your combobox control?
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Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
Yes.  The actual statement behind the combobox contains several column values.  The data in these columns should display in additional, unbound fields on the form for the user to know which customer they are working on.  It reflects the customer's name, their id and some other information.  This is NOT data in the statement behind the form, the combobox customer ID filters the form for the correct record itself.  I am wondering, as I cannot find what I need in the macro commands, but would  RunCode possibly be an option?  Create a function that does what I want and run it from the macro?
If your combobox is showing a single column and it is the wholename column, then you can use this:

Open in new window

If you have multiple visible columns, then you can use this:

Open in new window

Note: cboCases refers to a combobox control on my form.  You would change that name to be the same as the combobox name on your form.
Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
But what command in the macro list would I use? That is the problem.  I can write it in VBA, but I want to use the Macro capability.
When you are in the build dialog window and select the combobox control in the middle list, do you see column in the right list?
Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
Ok, I can do all this in code and I have been coding for quite some time, but am trying to use the Macro ability.  I am getting the feeling that what I want to do cannot be done with a macro command which is all I really want to know.  The closest that I can find is to use the RunCode command, which does what I want.  If this is correct, please confirm and I can close this question.
With 2010+ versions of Access, you can use the SetValue macro action.

With prior versions, you might invoke a VBA routine with the RunCode macto action.

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Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thank you, this was what I was trying to understand.
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