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CSS Wordpress: Making header transparent

At, how do I make my strip at the top (header that contains the logo and menu) 50% opaque? The logo is already transparent.

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Tom Beck
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I think this question has been neglected because it makes no sense. You have a background image on the body of the page. That image is white at the top. The background color of the header is transparent so the white shows through. Are you wanting to have a background color for the header instead of transparent? If that background color where to be 50% opaque, it would just look lighter. There's nothing on the background image of the body at the top but white so what would be the point of the 50% opaque?
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I'm going to have tons of different backgrounds at random, not all white. I'm using the background manager plugin in wordpress if that helps at all.
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Can you be a little more explicity. There's 7 divs in the header