Need help reconstructing two class files that are missing.

I have a project that I had someone make years ago. I decided to revive the project and im missing two files. I don't know jQuery, and im a novice with PHP.

1) First take a look at the screenshot. This a zoomed out look at the form. Each section is really it's own PHP file that should only show after the previous submission. I posted the code from one of the sections on the form.
2) Notice the two lines that require Dbmodule and Validation.
3) There is a jquery folder with two files which I also attached.
Obviously the dbmodule is most likely database connection information but im unsure about the validation class file because I assume it's using the jquery. The project is bigger than it looks and this is why im not resorting to recreating it just yet. Thanks for your help. I also assume the validation class file is what gives the form the characteristics such as sliding and hiding fields.


if (isset($_POST['hpi_save']) && $_POST['hpi_save'] == 'hpi_sent')
	$db = new DBmodule();
	$fields = array('Customers_id', 'q1', 'q2', 'q3', 'q4', 'q5');
	$values = array($_POST['Customer_id'], $_POST['hpi_1'], $_POST['hpi_2'], $_POST['hpi_3'], $_POST['hpi_4'], $_POST['hpi_5']);
	if (!empty($_POST['hpi_id']))
		$id = $_POST['hpi_id'];
		if ($db->update('hpi', $fields, $values, $id))
			echo "Your update was successful.";
			echo "Your update failed.";
		$lastid = $db->insert('hpi', $fields, $values);
		if ($lastid > 0)
			echo "Customer information successfully added.";
			echo "Customer information failed to add.";	
	echo "hpi_save not set";


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Ray PaseurCommented:
Is there a question we can answer here?  It seems more like a requirement for application development than a question, and for that you might want to consider hiring an application developer.  I haven't read the jQuery file (I'm understandably reluctant to open a zip file from an unknown source), but I can tell you that it is very unlikely a PHP professional would write anything like the PHP code that is posted here.  My recommendation would be to refactor it or rewrite it from the ground up, perhaps with a modern framework like Laravel.  It looks like a data collection application, probably one that uses HTML forms to put information into a MySQL database.  This sort of thing can be done quickly and easily with any modern framework.

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cnl83Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

It was a longshot
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