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Address book policies and Distribution Groups


I am running Exchange 2013 Standard and I have multiple Address Book Policies in place.
When I add a distribution group, I find no possibility to assign it to an address book policy for visibility to users, nor a way to assign the 15 user-defined values that can be set for mailbox objects, nor a way to assign a naming policy to set the email address.

How does this work?

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You cant assign a address book policy to a DL
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So they are always visible to everyone?
you can differentiate Address book domain wise, but for same domain either you can hide for all or it will be visible for all.

In any case if you want to restrict that no one can send mail to specific DL but chosen members can send email to that DL the can be done by setting properties.

Set-DistributionGroup <DLName> -AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom "graig"
By domainwise you mean accepted domain or DS-domain?
How do I do that?  That's what I am looking for.  My accepted domains match my Adress book policies.

AND:  How do I apply a naming policy?
Domain wise means if you are running multiple domains in Exchange.

As per my understanding you have only one domain.

I did not get Name Policy??
I have smtp-domains, and
Each has a number of users.
There are groups all1, all2 and all3.

I am using a German language installation, so my terminology might be off.

There is a naming policy that assigns address to all users who have "1" in customizable field 15.  Address book policy ARB_company1 is assigned to all users who have "1" in customizable field 15.

My aim is to have the group all1 assigned the address and be visible to all users who's primary smtp address is

Right now my groups all have the address name@defaultaccepteddomain and are visable to everyone.
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The answer I was looking for was:

Assign the addressing policy on basis of OU containter, not on basis of user definable fields.

In my setup, distribution lists are not listed in the address books at all - probably because they are not a member of the GAL I created for the ABPs.  And they are not a member beacuse they do not have the user definable fields.
Not essential for me, but I haven't figured that out, yet.