How can I use tag managment to implement a web service call that requires a digital certificate?

I have built a web service that makes product recommendations for website visitors. I want to facilitate implementation by creating an install procedure using tag management software such as Tealium or the Google tool.  How can I make this happen when a digital certificate is used for security? See
Mark KleinAsked:
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Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
a digital certificate is used for security

Do you mean that the web service will use an SSL Certificate?

Mark KleinAuthor Commented:
x.509 public/private key encryption is what I'm using for my web service
Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
So, I am not exactly following what you are trying to accomplish.

I see 3 distinct parts to your question:

1. a custom web service that you have built
2. you wish to manage the tags (attached to the product recommendations I'll guess) using a 3rd party tool
3. a security component

You wish to build an installation procedure for what?
- deploying the web service is a simple task
- managing the tags in the content served by the web service, is what Tealium does, that is a separate product which integrates into some custom javascript included in your served up content
- what is it that the X.509 certificate is used for?  Do you wish to provide the web service content over HTTPS?

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Mark KleinAuthor Commented:
OK, I think I understand the confusion I've generated.
--I have a working web service
--it uses x.509 digital certificates for security
--Prospective customers (our client companies) can't get IT cycles to install the few lines of code into their browsers in order to call the services. They would rather use a tag management platform, something they control, to install the web service calls as tags
--the web services make back end calls to a SQL Server database

My question: how do I set up installation so it can be handled by a tag platform such as Tealium or Google's?
Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
After having looked at the Google Tag Manager docs, the tag management works like so:

you place a code snippet, immediately after the <body> tag, inside the html to be displayed.  The snippet inserts a JavaScript file reference (gtm.js) which is what drives the Tag Manager functionality.

reference link:

How this is can be integrated into a web service call depends on what the web service does.  Is it serving up formatted content?  (HTML, XML, JSON, plain text, etc.)?


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Mark KleinAuthor Commented:
I'm serving up JSON.  I'm investigating.  Will get back to you.  Thanks.
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