When login to OWA I get Too many redirects occured (on every browser)

Hi guys:

when I go to mail.selectospr.com and enter my user and password it gives me too many redirects occurred.

Luis LugoAsked:
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Amit KumarCommented:
seems you have configured redirection IIS for owa VD, please check that one....

open IIS management console, then click on Default web site then middle pane find HTTP redirection. see if anything you have entered in it.
Luis LugoAuthor Commented:
Yes it has on the default web page https://mail.selectospr.com/pea

This had been working yesterday the all of a sudden it did not worked anymore
Luis LugoAuthor Commented:
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Amit KumarCommented:
what is happening exactly? any screenshot you can provide
Luis LugoAuthor Commented:
Well its quit simple if you go to Mail.selectospr.com it open owa  fine but when you enter the user And password it says "Too many redirects occurred https://mail.selectospr.com/own
Amit KumarCommented:
did you check redirections on sites in IIS. I tried to open this page whatever it I put after domain name it redirects to OWA page so something is bad with redirection.
Luis LugoAuthor Commented:
Yes there is redirection on IIS on the default web page on http redirect it has https://mail.selectospr.com/owa 

On the exchange and exchweb public they have on http redirect /owa
Luis LugoAuthor Commented:
I really don't know what is going on IIS wise, what you guys need? Screen shots of the IIS or something like that?
Amit KumarCommented:
Follow this article, it will help you to configure redirection in a correct way.  below steps are just for ref. but better you go through with article..

To enable SSL redirection to the OWA virtual directory, follow these steps:
Start IIS 7 Manager.
Expand the server, expand Sites and select the Default Web Site.
Double-click HTTP Redirect.
Select the Redirect requests to this destinationcheck box, and then enter /owa.
Select the Only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories)check box.
Select Found (302) from the Statuscode drop-down list.
Click Apply to save the settings.
Note The changes that you made to the Default Web Site will propagate down to the virtual directories for that site.
Expand the Default Web Site.
Select the aspnet_client virtual directory.
Double-click HTTPRedirect.
Clear the check box for Redirect requests to this destination.
Click Apply to save the settings.
Repeat steps 9-12 for the following virtual directories:

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Luis LugoAuthor Commented:
This saved my OWA

Thanks a looooooot
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