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Trying to get rid of hard return in text

So I have a program that writes out a text file.  Everything is working fine, but I need to get rid of any hard returns before writing to the text file.  I tried:


But I'm still ending up with hard returns in the final file.

Any ideas?
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Some output methods will automatically append a line feed and/or a carriage with each output record.

What method are you using to write to the output file?
Note also, that  your input data does not necessarily have both  a new line and a carriage return to delimit the records. Some environments use only one, so your Replace() wouldn't then be appropriate.
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Here is the code that I'm using:

        intFileHandle = FreeFile
        Open App.Path & "\myfile.csv" For Append As #intFileHandle
        Print #intFileHandle, myStr
        Close #intFileHandle

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The print-command appends a newline. Try using the put-command instead, then you can specify exact what to write.

You can use a Put statement. For that you must have opened the output file for Binary or Random.
However, judging by the file extension of .csv,  you need a normally delimited text file.
If you are trying to add something to each line of a CSV file, just append the new  text to the original text line and output each line as a whole.
It looks like what it's missing is a LF only.  Would I look for it using it's ASCII?
vbLf is the Virtual Basic constant name
The ASCII value is 10 (decimal)
I tried vbLf and it didn't get rid of the darn thing.
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