Which Tablet would you purchase today?

K B used Ask the Experts™
I am leaning toward Android
I would like to read technical books and study for certifications
It might not be bad to be able to RDP or teamviewer to my home computers.
Maybe the kids would watch a movie here and there on a trip - I suppose.
I know the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is around $400 - $500 USD.
Costco has the 8" model for $389 - $399 depending on the cover.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 8" is $219 but the resolution is 1024 x 768.
Is the Tab S2 worth the extra money?  What about the jump in screen-size?
Can you buy integrated keyboards for all of these models?
It would be also great if it was light enough to hold while reading in bed.

Thank you for your time in advance!
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Definitely go for the Tab S2, it's worth every penny. You'll get the amazing sAMOLED high res screen (there are no better screens available), top of the line CPU, and what you described you needed is all there (free rdp apps, free teamviewer).
You even get a multi user environment (the kids log in separately, so they can't mess up your settings or important emails while playing their games or watching their videos) to boot.
All the other Android perks are there too (easy handling your files, no need to have iTunes on your computer, even downloading torrents directly).


Okay you have me on the ropes. Knock out would be deciding 8" or 9" for $100 bucks more.
What do you think?

Personally, for productivity, the bigger screens will get more work done (even if screen resolution is equal, you will still be more precise with your fingers, but also watching movies or reading pages is nicer).
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Darn I thought you might say that :-)
What about weight from 8 to 9" screen?
The weight from 8 to 9 inch is a bit under 300 grams going to just under 400 (beating even iPad Air 2 10 inch). It sets the record for lightest 10 inch tablet, to my knowledge (you just keep mentioning 9 inch, but with 9.7 inch to be precise, it's more 10 inch)
Joe WinogradDeveloper
Fellow 2017
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Hi K B,

I see that you already closed this, but since I spent time writing my comments offline (as I always do), I figure I may as well post it.

Keep in mind that the "8" is exactly 8.0, while the "9" is actually "9.7" — closer to 10 than 9. The specs show that the "8" is .58 lbs, while the "9" is .85 lbs — on the one hand, just .27 lbs heavier, but on the other hand, 47% heavier!

I don't have either of those models, but I do have 7" and 10.1" Android tablets, and I can tell you that I really prefer the larger screen — it's a more important factor to me than the weight difference.

One other thought: If I were buying a new tablet today, I'd give serious consideration to a Windows tablet. Of course, that could be because I already have two Android tablets. :)  Regards, Joe

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