Hyper-V cluster 2008R2 VM missing

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I have a Windows 2008 R2 clustered pair of servers connected to a SAN via ISCSI.
I had to bring my SAN down completely and rebuild it due to a design issue.
I fortunately had plenty of local disk space on my servers to export the VM's off of the SAN and onto the local host where they have been running fine for several days.  This morning I shut down my Servers in order to reconnect the ISCSI SAN and upon boot up My VM that was on the local SAN was gone.,(the VM disks are still there) no longer listed under HYPER-V manager.

The only thing I could find that was different between the ones that were there verses the one missing was I realized I failed to delete the delete the VM out of the failover cluster manager and I am "guessing" it tried to launch it, all the other VM's that remained I had deleted from the failover cluster manager

I tried to reimport the VM back into the system and it will not let me..

How can I get this VM back on line short building a new VM and pointing to the old VM drives?
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Copy your vm vhd in the folder where all of your vm disks exist.
Create a new vm in hyperV and attach that disk then start that vm

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