Upgrading forrest and domain level adding a new 2008 r2 AWS server


Customer enviroment

3 servers:
     1x2003 R2

Then, I want to add a new server at AWS existing VPC with windows 2008 R2.

AD Data:

Func. level 2003
Forrest. leves 2000


Help needed step by step to accomplish this task

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Please clarify what you mean.
There is nothing needed if you are adding a member server.
adprep /domain, /forest, /schema are the only thing needed if you want to add the first  windows 2008 R2 as a DC.

You can not upgrade the domain/forest level above 2003 Native as long as you have a windows 2003 DC.
Raheman M. AbdulSenior Infrastructure Support Analyst & Systems DeveloperCommented:
Domain functional level number should be the same as that of the Domain Controller's (DC server)  with the lowest windows version.
eg. Domain functional level in your case is 2003 (as given in AD Data) so the DC's version of 2003 or above can exist without raising the domain functional level. Domain functional level applies to DCs only not the other servers.
If you are not adding any new DC in your case then  nothing to change just add it.
heze54Author Commented:

This operation should be accomplished in several steps

-adding a new member with 2008r2
-adding  a new dc with 2008 r2 OS and do not rise the level
-eliminate de 2003 r2 server and rise the level to 2008

Is this correct?

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I think even though you already have a DC with 2008, you are adding 2008 R2 and I think you need to run adprep from the 2008 R2 media.
If it is unneeded, no schema change will be done, but if you do you will eliminate the issue coming up when you dcpromo...
The adprep is least impacting compared to running dcpromo and getting the alert that .....

Also make sure to add the file server 2003 file sharing feature/services to make sure the ntfrs replication is installed as that is the mode by which sysvol replicates.

Do not rush the transition away from 2003. Make sure using repadm /showrep, dcdiag, that the AD is synchronized and is not encountering any errors before transferring roles away from the 2003 and decommissioning it.
heze54Author Commented:

Right now, I only have 2 windows 2008 servers and, domain and forrest at 2008 level.

When I run dcpromo at windows 2008 r2 server to add to the existing domain, same result

"Run adprep /forrest"

Any ideas?

Use the R2 disk in the system, on the primary DC, navigate to the
And run the adprep 32/64 depending on the version of the dc's OS as instructed in the notice.
heze54Author Commented:

I ran adprep /forestprep with R2 32bit and the cmd windows said "informacion already updated " 
but... at windows 2008 R2 machine with dcpromo... same message
On which system did you run it, check dcdiag to make sure your DC ad is in sync.

Check which DC name server is listed on the member server before you run dcpromo/add ad DC role.
heze54Author Commented:

Looking at ADSIEdit I can see,

-CN=ActiveDirectoryUpdate value=2 because my servers are 2008. New server will be 2008 r2
-objectVersion = 44 for windows 2008.

repadmin /replsum /bysrc /bydest /sort:delta ran and no errors shown

Any idea?

rerun adprep from 2008R2 to domainorep/gpoprep/schema.

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heze54Author Commented:
Nice posts!!!

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