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Hi at all,

In the internet you can find different statements about the advantages/disadvantages of a vCenter 5.5 running on a Linux appliance. Does someone have a full list of the limitations of the appliance compared to an installation on a Microsoft Windows Server?

Thanks for your help!
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The obvious ones, are you do not need a Windows Server License, and if using VMware Update Manager, this still needs to be installed on a Windows Server.

Originally, the Appliance when first launched, had bad press, but it has now become a much better appliance, supports the same number of hosts, VMs.

However, VMware are now putting more resources into the appliance, switching database types.

see my EE Article


Also see here which discusses

Which vCenter Server platform should I use – Appliance or Windows?

In the future, we will be switching from Windows to the Linux Appliance, it has much better stability, and less WIndows udpates!
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Until v6.0 there were a few reasons why installing it in a Windows box was better, however there are basically none today with v6.0U1 since it is much faster and simpler to deploy, backup and upgrade with the specially crafted for appliance from VMware.

Easy choice: download the appliance, configure it in 15 minutes and try it.

Then remember the windows server licence you save, and the deployment time is with ease a couple of hours, and the antivirus licence you save, and not having to install windows updates ever...

And then take a decision.

But now there are no limitations between windows and appliance versions. Before they were.

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