What may I gain from using an internal blackberry server

Ramy Mohsen
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I'm confused about benefits that I may gain from using an internal blackberry server.
Can anyone advice?

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Blackberry service could be offered by your ISP or using a BES server inside your company.

BES server provides you:
- Full control of Blackberry devices, including remote wipe, install apps, block features (like camera, bluetooth...) that you can not get using ISP services.
- Blackberry backups.
- Set up policies.
- Internal access to your network. ISP offered service can not give you LAN access, BES service gives you ability to connect internal services (per example websites with internal apps).
The word GAIN is relative, and hence, you need a starting point. Are you comparing to a plain BB phone, are you comparing with Apple/Android?

Just in general:
- For a limited amount of users, you can get the BB server for free (the Express version).
- For more features and users, buy licenses for the full server version


- Push Exchange email/addressbook/notes directly to the BB phones
- Set security profiles (for example, disable bluetooth, camera, etc)
- Remote delete/wipe/reset phone

Please note the Server side is quite resource hungry (even when serving less than 5 users), and has the potential to slow down the server you're installing it on. Besides the need to potentially needing to buy extra hardware, you now need to assign time for the installation (several hours) and now you add a component for the sysadmin to take care of and monitor continuously.

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